Thursday Doors- Door with Green Shutters

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I was in New Orleans for a week and had so much fun, and took a lot of photos of doors.

This one is from a restaurant in the French Quarter,  but I didn’t pay attention to which one there are so many.  I’m in catch up mode so, only one door today, but there will be more. 😄

Door with Green Shutters New Orleans


This is part of Norm Frampton’s Thursday Doors.  If you have a door or two to share head on over to his blog and join in the fun or just head over and see the doors others have shared from all over the world. Just follow his directions at the end of his Thursday door post.

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more to come…

52 thoughts on “Thursday Doors- Door with Green Shutters

    1. It had been over 30 years since we went. Big Baby Boy was only 2.5 years old then, so we didn’t get wild or party that time. We stopped in NOLA during our EPIC Trip across the USA back in 83 or maybe it was 84. I have to look at my journal and photos.
      It was the year the World’s Fair was in New Orleans and I wanted to go to it. There were no crowds at the World’s Fair, and we had the French Quarter almost to ourselves the day we visited.
      It was quite a different trip this time around with Big Baby Boy. There were teems of people, and partying, and we had so much fun walking among them, and enjoying all the street performers, and party atmosphere, and quite a few museums!

      I’ll have to work on more images and get them up. Thanks, Joey! 😀

  1. I haven’t been to New Orleans, but I would imagine that there are lots of pops of color to be found. This one is fabulous, Deborah! 🙂

  2. Ooh, a trip to New Orleans — excellent. You really earned a break after relocating, Deborah. This entry is certainly inviting. I never made it to the Big Easy, and now my traveling days are over (or I’m over it, whichever, both I guess), but I love tagging along virtually. Looking forward to seeing more of your vacation. Hugs on the wing!

    1. Thank you, Erica! It’s a fun city so I get why your friends visit often. For now it’s on the bottom of my rotation list of cities to visit again soon. Next up is London then I’d love to finally visit Boston, and the upper northeastern states. I’ve never been to any of those.

  3. I love these doors, and the color goes back a few years. In my part of the country, some homes have a solid wood door on the outside that protects the regular door from the elements in the winter. It is much simpler than these beautiful shutters, but they both make a statement. 🙂

    1. Thanks, Gordon! It had been more than 30 years since I was last in NOLA! It certainly was a lot more crowded and busy this time around, but still fun and very picturesque in every neighborhood or parish as they say we visited. My favorites were the French Quarter and the Garden District.

  4. I love New Orleans, and I so enjoy seeing the storm shutters matching the characteristics of the door, and painted to add the appeal of the building. You picked a great door to feature.

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