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It’s crunch time now with the packing and being ready for the movers.

Truth. It’s mostly all my shit that needs to be packed and it’s this shit that makes a home Home! Just sayin!  I don’t want to live without this stuff.

It’s stuff. Stuff you worry about when you’re on vacation or away for a few days. It’s my stuff and I love it!

Let’s take a deep breath and relax with some time away from home and all my stuff. From last July and then some…

Okay, He-Man was home guarding the castle so I was able to live these moments. 😄 I know I got myself a keeper. If only he realizes that!

That short clip was showing my love #1 Grandson, some Dear Friends, the Eastern Sierras, and the Wild Mustangs of the Eastern Sierras, and me in shadow. I’m looking forward to seeing the

wild Mustangs this year.


I’m going to be largely missing for the next few weeks. The movers are coming tomorrow and arriving at our house in NV on Friday. I’ll be busy packing up the weirdly shaped odds and ends then unpacking and setting up house in our new home.

I have heard the road to the Wild Mustangs opened early this year for lack of snow so as soon as I’m settled I’ll be heading south to photograph them.

I hope you all are well and enjoying Spring! She chased winter away here with temperatures over 90 degrees! She’s serious about coming in!

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21 thoughts on “Whatever Wednesday The Best of This Day

  1. Deborah, I hope all goes well with your move. For me moving as easy as can be, my house is on wheels 🙂 ….. and that sure helps to keep the stuff to a minimum too! Seriously I do hope you have a smooth move, I know that going from house to house can be a big job.

    1. Thank you so much John! The move went really well. I’m about a quarter through the boxes. I’ll be setting up house for awhile yet. Yes, you house does sound as easy as can be! Wanna move…it all goes with you with little to no prep!

  2. Nice video clip, Deborah. The great open fields, made me stop and take a deep breath and I am not even there. You will be able to take a deep breath in a few short weeks. I look forward seeing photos of the Mustangs:) Erica

  3. Happy moving to you, Deborah! Loved the video. Looking forward to seeing photos of those wild mustangs and hearing all the He Man news.

  4. What a cute grandson (handsome I should say:) ) you have. Can’t remember that you came from an Armed Forces family. Sad you lost your favorite doll:( But this is why you have such an easy time visiting other places! Boy in the 90ties? Here it became 81 today, that’s as warm as it will get right now!
    Hope you’ll get some great captures of the wild mustangs! You’ll “lose: your photography buddies at your new place, or have you already found a group?
    Have an easy and successful move!

  5. Today is moving day and hopefully you’re well on your way!! I loved the slideshow. I hope that the move goes smoothly. 🙂

  6. That was such a sweet slideshow! Just gorgeous photos!
    I understand the fings and stuffs that make a house a home, and I wait patiently for you to feather your new nest 🙂

  7. Hi Deborah! Loved your video!! 💗 Wishing you a successful move! 😃 I think our stuff is important too, just saying! ☺️ Your #1 grandson is getting big!

  8. Deborah, moving and everything that go with it is never easy. I trust you’ll find everything as you have sent it!
    Great video!
    All the best.

  9. I like the video, Deborah. That’s an interesting way to display some great images. In my younger days, I moved coast-to-coast twice. Each saw some significant purging. The last time we moved, it was from the house next-door that we were renting to our house which we had purchased. Very little stuff was removed.

    Good luck with the move, the movers and the mustangs.

  10. 90+ degrees! I think summer ran over spring.
    Deborah, I feel your pain. When I was “purging” everything, people kept telling me, “You aren’t your things. They don’t make you who you are.”
    What they couldn’t understand is that my stuff *showed me* who I am, and. who I aspire to be. I gave up so much that, I admit to feeling a little uncertain about *who I am* sometimes.
    I know how hard it is. As I slowly put my new home together, I feel more grounded and more in touch with who I am. Give yourself some praise and some credit. You’re doing something most people would never be able to do.

    The video is beautiful. I look forward to seeing your new mustang pictures. Hugs on the wing.

  11. Happy moving and may everything arrive in the same condition it left in. 🙂 Love the video especially the handsome guy with the big smile and the horses. Here’s your chuckle for the day – we moved once and as we were driving our cars to the new house we passed the moving truck with all our valuables in it broken down and on the side of the road. We came to a screeching halt, moved everything in the backseat over including a grill so the driver could get in and headed off so he could call for help – yep, days before cell phones. So, in the rear view mirror I see all of our possessions hanging off the side of the road in a big metal box and hoped they’d be there when the driver got back. He did, they were, and life went on. 🙂 Hope the move and the new home are all that you dreamed of.

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