Whatever Wednesday The Best of This Day

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It’s crunch time now with the packing and being ready for the movers.

Truth. It’s mostly all my shit that needs to be packed and it’s this shit that makes a home Home! Just sayin!  I don’t want to live without this stuff.

It’s stuff. Stuff you worry about when you’re on vacation or away for a few days. It’s my stuff and I love it!

Let’s take a deep breath and relax with some time away from home and all my stuff. From last July and then some…

Okay, He-Man was home guarding the castle so I was able to live these moments. 😄 I know I got myself a keeper. If only he realizes that!

That short clip was showing my love #1 Grandson, some Dear Friends, the Eastern Sierras, and the Wild Mustangs of the Eastern Sierras, and me in shadow. I’m looking forward to seeing the

wild Mustangs this year.


I’m going to be largely missing for the next few weeks. The movers are coming tomorrow and arriving at our house in NV on Friday. I’ll be busy packing up the weirdly shaped odds and ends then unpacking and setting up house in our new home.

I have heard the road to the Wild Mustangs opened early this year for lack of snow so as soon as I’m settled I’ll be heading south to photograph them.

I hope you all are well and enjoying Spring! She chased winter away here with temperatures over 90 degrees! She’s serious about coming in!

iPhone 7 Plus

more come…