Fun Friday

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Have y’all been followin the Lip Sync Challenge of our Nation’s Police and Sherffi’s Departments? If not you should be. It’s hilarious, and some are really good!

Here are some of my favorites so far in no particular order:


I haven’t seen my county posting their answer to the challenge yet…I hope they do! These are the next two closest counties to mine that have accepted the challenge.

Come on Santa Clara County show em you can do better! 😊

Has your city or county police or sheriffs department accepted the challenge?

I hope you all have a wonderful, fun week-end with some great music in it!

See y’all Wednesday! xx

more to come…

*youtube videos police/sheriff lip sync challenge

40 thoughts on “Fun Friday

  1. Yes! Here’s ours!

    Not quite the level of some of these, but our chief is talented, hm? I’m tickled to see these, thanks for sharing!

  2. OMG… I didn’t know about this. Deborah, you’ve given the me the biggest smile I’ve had in a month. The Caldwell one slayed me.
    Okay, so I had to Google this up to see what I could find locally. Found this little gem from neighboring Farifax County.

    Now if only I could make one for the sheriff in Atonement, TN! Hugs.

    1. Ooops hit send by mistake! I’m so glad you enjoyed the post and videos!

      I laughed out loud when the male cop got on the car and did the female part. Hilarious!
      Those Motorcycle cops in the background driving the cones are amazing! Thanks for sharing that one. I hadn’t seen it.

  3. I hadn’t seen some of these. I’ve been indulging in these videos with my morning cup of coffee before getting the kids up. Better than cute cat videos!!!

    1. Oh that main singer in the Overland PD is great! I’ve been watching these for a couple of weeks in the evening. It’s been nice ending my day with a laugh or smile.
      Did you find your local one?

      1. I could not find a ‘local’ one, but I did find one from NH more in the central part of the state. First responders certainly put their lives on the line for residents every single day, so it is nice to see them having a good time.

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