Wild Wednesday 30/52 A Family Unit

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We found more Wild Mustangs! It was an amazing long week-end.  The horses were cautious with our approach, but Jamie and I learned the ways while on our trip in July, so we approached as we were taught and sure enough the horses let us get near.  Nearer than we’d ever been!  One mare was overcome with curiosity and approached my friend T! She was a hair away from petting its nose before it startled a little.

I need to ask her if I can share that image. I was just 3 feet from her! Then the mare and her Stallion came heading for me, and I backed up…the Stallion gave me pause. What if he didn’t like me. I wasn’t ready for that fight! The mare understood and veered away.

Once a family unit crossed right between my friend Jamie and I. It was so close we had to back up!  It was incredible! They were within feet of me and her, and so close I couldn’t focus! Such a problem for a wildlife photographer to have right?  I wished I brought two cameras lemme tell ya! I regretted the decision not carry my second camera.

The horses stay more or less in family units of a mare, foal, older daughter, and the ever watchful and protecting Stallion.  The family units are spread out through the meadow with the bachelors are the outer edges.  The bachelors. There’s a whole nother subject, and I have images! I’ll share if you don’t get tired of horses.

Here’s one family that hung out close to us.  They’re beautiful, and the light was really good just then.

Family Unit

On the home-front:

It’s been wonderful having Big Baby Boy home. #1 Grandson is in heaven having him here, and the two are having good fun building with Legos, and going to the park together.  He and Baby Girl got some quality brother/ sister time in, and they even got to hang out with dear school friends while here.  I’m already dreading his departure on Thursday, but The Dark Haired Beauty, and work will be wanting, and needing him back.

The Wine Train was a lot of fun. We both enjoyed it and would do it again.  I didn’t get any good images of the exterior of the train engine. They don’t let you near it unless you’re in the first car and boarding. We weren’t we were in the last car.

I’m hoping we have a clear sky on the 27th through the 31 to photograph Mars. It will be the brightest and closest it’s been to Earth in 15 years I believe.  Even if you don’t want to photograph it go out and look!  It will be at its highest point at midnight and be visible most the night.  Look for it about 35 degrees from the southern horizon.

I hope your week is going well, and you have a wonderful week-end!

Nikon D810| Nikkor 200-500mm| Lexar Digital Film| PS CC 2018

more to come..





32 thoughts on “Wild Wednesday 30/52 A Family Unit

  1. So beautiful, in color and subject and movement. Just wonderful. Thanks for sharing that.
    I feel like I haven’t seen Mars in a while. Maybe it was more visible when we lived in Georgia. I wonder if it’ll appear same here as where you are. I’ll Google that. Thanks for the heads-up!

    1. I’m sure it’s going to be tiny even using my telephoto lens, but I’ll look anyway, and snap a photo or two.

      I’m so glad you like the image. That little family was striking. I just loved the white dappled mare, and the fawn’s face. SO CUTE!

  2. Such an absolutely amazing photo! What an experience that must have been. The positioning of the horses, color and light were just perfect. I would love to see more photos, please pose more. Good luck with Mars!

  3. Lucky lucky you getting so close, what magnificent animals. No I will never tire of seeing your horse photos. Pleased the train trip was enjoyed

  4. The photograph of the family is amazing! I am glad you learned how to get near these magnificent animals. And no, I will not get tired of horses…just so you know.

    Glad to hear that the wine train was a good experience. Sorry you missed the engine, but, that wasn’t the point of the trip. Also sorry you’ll be losing your company, but at least you’ve had a good time.

    Good luck snagging a good image of Mars.

    1. Thank you Dan!

      I didn’t find a good spot to see the engine from outside the terminal, and they don’t let you out to the quay until time to board. I think one way to do it is to be somewhere down the line while the train is passing through town. You wouldn’t have to twist my arm too hard to get me to return for that.

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