Wild Wednesday 31/52 The Moon, and Mars

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The 27th was the Full Buck Moon, or Blood Moon because there was a Total Lunar Eclipse that night, unfortunately, not seen here in North America.  I just went out to my backyard to photograph it.  It wasn’t red by the time it rose over the mountains and I was able to see it from my yard, but it had a lovely warm glow.

Full Buck Moon

The 28th, Saturday, several friends and I met in Santa Cruz, CA to photograph the Moon and Mars from a favorite “go to” spot; Walton’s Lighthouse.

I was watching the fog/cloud weather report all day, and it looked good until 5pm just when we were meeting. We met at Marianne’s Ice Cream parlor. Another “go to”, “must stop” , “it’s tradition” places while in Santa Cruz. They have 105 different ice creams to choose from. It’s not easy picking just one! I had a Jr. cup of Banana, Almond ice cream. It was good, but I wish it had more banana in it. No pictures I’m afraid. I always forget to do that!   Despite the low fog we continued on and photographed sunset-it was one of those soft pink evenings. This is looking/facing ESE more or less.

Belt of Venus Surrounds the Walton Lighthouse

We didn’t think there would be much hope of seeing the Moon rising just above the lighthouse because of the thick band of fog behind the lighthouse so we moved to higher ground and hoped for some breaks in the fog/low cloud band.

In the image below: Mars (right of and higher than lighthouse) rose higher than fog band first, and I think that other tiny bright object to the right of it near the edge of the image is part of the constellation Sagittarius. Or Spica? I’m not sure.

I love that Bonfires, well, not huge ones are still allowed at this beach. A lifeguard came out to make a group put out a large one in the black spot in the lower right of my image. I’m sure they were not happy about that.

Mars Shines Red over Santa Cruz CA

We  walked north and set up on higher ground; a cliff overlooking the beach and while we were shooting Mars a teenage boy asked me what we were photographing, and as I was explaining about Mars, and hoping the Moon would rise above the fog I looked back toward the lighthouse and saw the Moon, it was above the lighthouse as we planned it to be, and it was RED! Then I excitedly pointed that out to him, and my companions.  The boy said, ” Coool!” So, did I! 😊 This is my favorite of the images I made of the scene.

Waxing Gibbous Moon and Mars over Walton Lighthouse

I have no idea who the person with the spot/flash light in line with the lighthouse below on the beach is, but their alignment is nearly perfect right?  That’s Mars to the right, higher than the Moon. Not so red in this image though…the Moon was stealing that color.

Anyway, we all were thrilled after thinking we’d not see the Moon above the lighthouse at all.

When we all had our fill of the Moon, Mars, the Lighthouse, and beach we went to a diner for a quick, late dinner then headed home. Traffic hit a snag near Los Gatos and we crawled for miles. There was no wreck or construction Thank God! Just going home from the beach, Summertime, Silicon Valley traffic all reaching the bottom of the Santa Cruz mountains at the same time.  I got home just about Midnight tired, but very happy with the photography and spending time with good friends.  Though some were missed! You know who you are. 😉

He-Man had the light on for me, and was waiting up for me sorta, kinda snoozing on the sofa in the family room.   I know he’s a Keeper!  He went to bed, and I got my images uploading then got myself ready for bed, and lastly I checked to make sure all my images uploaded sans problemes then Diva Dog and I joined He-Man for good night’s rest.

I coulda slept til noon I’m sure Sunday morning, but Diva Dog, and Box the Guinea Pig were not having it.  There’s a down side to being an early riser normally when you have pets. They’re never. sleeping. in! Evah! LOL! Since we were up He-Man and I had really nice bike ride around the neighborhood together. That has only happened a few times in our 39 years together! He’s the cyclist. I’m the sluggish hiker, and his cheerleader.  We may do this again. It was pretty nice.

We’re halfway to the week-end! I hope you all are having a good week.  I have nothing. NOTHING planned to photograph this week-end.   I’m going to think of something. What do you have fun/good planned? Anything?

Nikon D810| Nikkor 24-120mm f4, and Nikkor 200-500mm| Hoodman Digital Film| PS CC 2018

more to come…





60 thoughts on “Wild Wednesday 31/52 The Moon, and Mars

  1. I looked outside and only saw cloudy and overcast skies. You had a wonderful sight and views!
    You are so kind and generous to share these with us! Thank you, Deb! 💗

  2. These are stunning captures Deborah!! I just viewed from random places, but no photos taken. It was quite amazing to see! 🙂

  3. I love the red moon! We didn’t see anything at all so I’ll just have to enjoy it through your photos. Hope you are having an equally good weekend this weekend!! Happy Sunday 🙂

      1. I wished it lined up just for me where I wanted it! 😊🌕 It was so neat that it was so red too! I was expecting not to see it until it got way high in the sky. It was a gift to see it like that.
        Thank you so much Melissa!

  4. What a great way to see the red moon starting with ice cream then sharing the moment with friends. Congratulations on getting an iconic image. I’m ashamed to say I missed it as I slept in, I did mean to wake up too as the conditions over here were perfect

  5. We’re a bunch of night owls (forced to live normally or whatever) so our dog sleeps in. Sometimes, like this morning, she didn’t stir when The Mister rose, so I had morning duty, but still, she lets us sleep in on weekends.
    I love your photos. Your Mars is red enough for me. We had clouds, clouds, clouds, as we do for all astronomical events.
    I wonder if, when lighthouses were more popular, if they were as cherished then as they are now? Everyone loves a lighthouse. I once took a lighthouse tour. I have one photo, analog film even, of my favorite one. Course, I knew nothing about taking pictures, so it kinda sucks, but it’s the first thing I see when I exit my bedroom in the morning. It makes me smile. Your capture is lovely.
    Really sounds like you had a great time 🙂

  6. Awesome, Deborah! I’m so glad you got the shots and I wish I had made the trip after reading your backstory! All that my neighrhood offers recently is overcast fog so I’m going to have to start looking elsewhere for photo opps.

    1. Thank you so much! You were missed Gordon! It turned out to be a lovely evening, and not too cold for the WIN!

      Dali and I have been skunked at this location for Moon rise more than once. You just can’t trust the fog. 😕

  7. The blue light of the lighthouse, the red moon and the white torch, all in one line. How… well… let me quote the boy…. cool. Incidently, red, white and blue are the colours of our flag, and also of yours. There must be something in that combination. 🙂 I admire the way you plan a photoshoot Deborah, the idea’s you have and the persistance to make it happen. And the results of course, always outstanding.

    1. Thank you so much Peter! You’re too kind. Having the right tools to help plan the shoot is essential, and the credit goes to those much smarter than me for creating them! My friend Dali and I were looking for a spot to photograph the Moon rise several years ago and found this spot that lined up well so we keep going back to it b/c it works, and isn’t too far from our homes.

      The light on the Lighthouse is really green, maybe the sea gave it a blue cast. At first I was a bit miffed thinking the guy with that white light was photo-bombing us, but I liked the alignment so, made the shot. 😊

  8. Your photography skills always make me smile because I not only absorb the beauty but appreciate the skill required to capture the shots. You give me hope. 🙂 I haven’t done anything fun like you did. I spent the morning digging out and cutting down invasive plants. My truck is loaded and ready for recycling tomorrow. No pictures taken. 🙂

    1. Thank you so much Judy! What a lovely compliment! I wish we were closer you’d soon be better than me after you get the hang of using your camera for different types of shoots.

      You love gardening so I’m sure it was a labor of love, and now you’re rid of those invasive opportunists.

    1. Oh! I would have loved the Thunder, and light show! I hope to photograph ground to cloud lightening one day.

      I hope you get out Friday and find lots of Butterflies, and work goes by fast, and isn’t awful. 😊

  9. What gorgeous shots, Deborah. Love the lighthouse. That first one of the full moon, maybe it’s not red but what golden glory! It’s so hot in the office this morning that I’m very envious of that banana-almond ice cream. 😀 Hugs!

  10. I am so glad your planning and perseverance paid off, Deborah. These are all very nice, but the one with the moon over the lighthouse is so pretty. I would have been upset with the person with the light, but you’re right, he is aligned nicely – looks like he belongs.

    I totally understand those rare days when you want to sleep in but the dog says no. I hope you got a nap later in the day.

    1. Thank you so much Dan! I’m so glad when it works out too, but I’ve been skunked in this spot before.
      That guy. ? It looks like he’s on his phone facing us, not the lighthouse or rising moon. Photo-bomber is what I thought, but when I looked again and saw the alignment I took the shot. I liked it when I saw it on my computer screen.

      I did get a wee nap later that afternoon. 😊

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