Summer is…

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The Handsome Surveyor ( Baby Girl’s Fiance) has a peach tree that is brimming with ripe peaches.  He picked a bag of them for me on Monday.   We ate quite a few, but they were ripe and I feared we’d have to toss several, but I decided to make a cobbler and use them all up.

I got a nice deep dish cobbler out of what was left after removing all the bruising, and soft spots.

Sliced, prepped, and ready for the topping…

Sliced and ready for the topping

Right out of the oven.  It was juicy!

Just out of the oven

Ready to eat…à la mode of course! mmm good!


I hope you all have a peachy week-end!

Nikon D810| Nikkor 24-120mm| Lexar Digital Film| PS CC 2018

more too come…

48 thoughts on “Summer is…

  1. Mmmm-mmmm 😋 I love warmed peaches with ice cream, peach crisp or peach cobbler. . . Thanks for getting me to go search the fridge for a “treat!” xo 😘

  2. Mmm! One of my other blogger buddies grows peaches and his are bursting with juicy goodness. He’s in Idaho. Almost makes me miss Georgia. I hadn’t seen any big curvy peaches around here. Then! I saw Mentor had one yesterday and asked where she bought it. Walmart. Ugh. No. Not even for big curvy peaches, lol!
    Your cobbler looks fantastic!
    It’s blackberry time here 😛

    1. He-Man has been picking for peaches from the farmer’s market for nearly a month, and not one has had any flavor. The Handsome Surveyor’s were the best!

      Blackberries! Jam, snacking, pies, ice cream sauce, snacking…yum! When my mom lived up the road 50 minutes from me we’d pick the wild blackberries that lined the little creek next to her house. Good times!
      She doesn’t have blackberries now in FL.

      1. I hadn’t thought about whether blackberries grow down south. Hmm. Ours grow great! I eat the most as I pick, I swear.
        I got me a super ripe honeydew today, juicy as can be. Found out I can’t grow those. They originate in Southern France and Algeria. You know where they grow them in the states? I bet you do. California! 😀

  3. Thot I commented n liked your post but it seems that it didn’t register. Now that you exposed your delicious baking abilities we’re going to expect fresh baked goodies on the POD adventure.
    How did your Mono shoot turn out? Wish the coastal fog clears on the 31st for the next MW opp. Are you shooting the Mars opposition?

    1. We all loved the peaches. The Handsome Surveyor tells me the season is just about gone and I’ll probably not see him to get more before they’ll all gone. 😭😭

      Thank you so much Judy! xx

            1. Oh those are fun! I saw a lady on Saturday wearing a pair of ivory color tassel ear rings and thought of you. I’ll have to reconsider and look for a pair myself. They looked really good on her, and look lovely on you too! Thanks for sharing with me and everyone else! xx

    1. I wish you were heading our direction when T, and I headed home. The Handsome Surveyor would have welcomed you with a big bag of peaches too!
      If you hurry up and over here there’s still a bit left of this cobbler! 😊

    1. I know right! Last week-end while in the high desert it was HAWT! I wanted to be there too.
      It’s Stoneman Bridge in Yosemite National Park.

      I hope the heat wave breaks soon for y’all!

  4. hmmm – peaches! That does look really good!

    It will likely be another few weeks before we start to see local peaches here – and then the feeding frenzy will begin 🙂

    1. It’s really interesting how peaches in different areas ripen at different times in Summer. My good friend T has a peach tree and hers aren’t near ready for harvesting, but just an hour and half southeast where The Handsome Surveyor is, his are ripe, and falling off the tree!

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