Wordless Wednesday 46/52 Ross’s Goose & Snow Geese

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Snow Geese evening Fly-In

Wordless Wednesday 46/52 Ross's Goose and Snow Geese

Nikon D700| Nikkor 200-500mm| Lexar Digital Film| PS CC 2018

more to come…

44 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday 46/52 Ross’s Goose & Snow Geese

  1. That’s a lot of geese! What a great photo! Alfred Hitchcock’s movie comes to mind!! 😱

    … which makes me think of our hike this week. I rarely shoot video (as you can see by the quality of my short piece), but I thought you might like a sound track to go with that photo 😉

    1. It was a lot of geese, and they’re so noisy!! Yes, I thought of Birds by Alfred Hitchcock too, and do when birding and there are large flocks. He forever changed the way quite a lot of us see birds didn’t he. 🙂

      I can’t get the video to work. I’m getting a message that says the video isn’t there.

            1. 😦 That’s odd. If you’re logged into your account you should be able to click on “My Channel” on the left side page in themenu options >find your video that you want to edit click on it to open it then in the right corner under the video click on Video Manager next click on the video you want to edit. That changes your page to the Video Manager page there you see a tiny little button that says Edit with an arrow next to it. Click Edit not the arrow and that opens a new dialog page where you’ll see the little drop down box that should say for your video Private. Click the arrow next to the word Private to open the drop down box to select Public.

              Did you do that?

            2. Holy Hell! That was really convoluted! … but I finally got the setting changed. Not sure I could figure that out a second time 😉
              Thanks for persevering with me!

            3. Yay! You could finally see it! You’re the first person I shared it with. I’ve never seen so many waves of geese all at the same time. We could hear them coming long before we saw them.

            4. ummm – no. Just Gilles did 🙂

              … and yesterday, I finally figured out HOW to take a video with my Sony Alpha7ii! Who knew it was right on the dial? 😏

            5. I bought the Sony several months ago – I guess I never posted about it. I was promised I would love it and I really do. I mean REALLY!
              I like the size and weight of it compared to a DSLR, and for the most part, I find it pretty intuitive. I admit I still have a LOT to learn, and I want a zoom lens (Dear Santa …), but overall – no complaints at all.

              I have a small Olympus that I use when hiking and cycling. It fits in a pocket, is waterproof, and can handle considerably more abuse .. which is critical for Ms Fumble-Fingers 😉

              I was thinking about Gilles’ short video during the changing of the guard at the palace here in Athens. Hopefully I can do that when we get a chance.

            6. People who switch to Sony’s cameras in the “a” line really like them, so I’m not surprised that you LOVE yours.
              I seriously thought about buying one several years ago when I needed a new camera, but went with the Nikon Df and haven’t regretted it.

              I hope Santa brings you the “zoom” lens you’re wanting for Christmas.

              Post that video! I’d like to see the changing of the guard Athens style. 🙂

  2. Oh my, that top photo is amazing. Either there were a ton of birds, or you were very fast, but I love how you capture the endless flock. It’s cool to see all the various states of “flap”

    1. Thank you so much Dan! The sky was nearly full of them coming in for the Evening Fly-In. It was so noisy and pretty cool that I was in a position that had them flying right at me.

      I enjoy seeing the different positions of their wings too.

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