33 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday 29/52 Western Bluebird

  1. Oh no! Sorry, I may not have waited long enough on my comment way back when I pressed like but meant I Love varieties of birds.
    Your Western bluebird is brilliantly blue and those soft red and pink toned on his upper chest are beautiful. What a dear bluebird! 🐦
    What is interesting is our blue Jays are big (almost like crows) and our bluebirds are petite (like European robins).

  2. Our Ohio bluebirds are small like the European robins. Your western bluebirds are like our American robins. Funny how this goes, Deb. 🙂 🐦 Thanks for saying we could sit and chat for some time together, on a bench.

  3. What a pretty little guy. The bird house we put up in the yard was supposed to attract blue birds. We got a nice house sparrow family instead. I rarely see a bluebird around here, so this was a treat. Great capture of him in flight.

    1. Thank you so much Dan! I never thought about putting in a birdhouse to attract them! I’ll have to see what food they like besides worms too if I go that route.

      Your Sparrow family has been treat for me to see through your viewfinder. I rarely have them at my feeder.

          1. They are. This year, they just aren’t leaving. She still sits in the roof and there’s still activity in the house. Oh, and she owns it. Maddie and I got buzzed for getting too close.

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