Thursday Doors 45/52

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I was in Sedona, AZ, and the South Rim of Grand Canyon for a long week-end this past week and while scouting a sunset location I saw this unique door and had to stop. Thankfully the two friends I was with totally understood. 🙂


I loved seeing the little Sparrow on the horn. I’m so thrilled it stayed long enough for me to get it in the image. Aren’t those chili’s drying in the sun great?  There’s even a hitching post out front.


When I turned to leave and return to the car I spied this side door/gate.


A pretty neat find I think.

I’m behind again, but am working on catching up with your posts and images!

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More to come…


56 thoughts on “Thursday Doors 45/52

    1. LOL! You’re too kind!

      I doubt a coffee table book will be forthcoming anytime soon. I have had a collection of Landscape images going for several years thinking I’d have a book made, but I’m very intimated by the online process. I get overwhelmed trying to figure out the software and templates. So blond sometimes! 😦

  1. Deborah, I usually play catch up on Saturday mornings, since my workday extends into ten hours! Yikes!
    Your “find” is gorgeous in its doubly nice way you captured a uniquely beautiful door and then the gate which to me is another wonderful door. I loved the way the weathering of the gate and latches accent it. 🙂 As well as the stonework which resembles antique or ancient traditional Mexican style. It takes me to the past where my Spanish club went up winding roads in the Mexican countryside. Yes, the skull, chili peppers hanging and sweet sparrow all created such interesting details to study. . .

    1. Thank you so much for this lovely comment Robin!

      Does the style remind you of Mexico? I thought Spanish or Mission also from the Spainish.

      How wonderful that you’re in a Spanish club and you go on trips with the club! I need to find a French club here that does that. My comprehension, and speaking skills have faded since I’m doing those daily. I read French daily though.

      1. Now, Deborah I shoukd apologize. I accidentally left off “High School” Spanish Club, Deborah. It would be wonderful to be in one as an adult!
        We spent ten days, nine nights in Spain, my senior year and seven days and six nights my junior year, in Mexico. I learned quite a lot in those whirlwind tours but I do feel that the mission style could have originated in Spain~ good point! 🙂

        1. Ah, what great memories you have of your High School Spanish Club. I took Latin for one quarter then gave up a second language until the 90’s when I started studying French.
          The hope is to be fluent one day, but I doubt I ever will be.

  2. That’s so Arizona and so Sedona. I love both places so I really enjoyed this, Deborah. And speaking of being behind, my Thursday Doors linkz page has 29 entries (and I’m only up to yours), but I don’t want to refresh it until I get through those. And then there’s the Weekly Photo Challenge. Heeeeeeeeeeeeeelp, I’m drowning in posts!


    1. Thank you Janet! It’s amazing how fast one little trip can set me back with my email! I totally understand how you’re feeling. We’ll catch up eventually. I still have posts from September and August I’ve yet to get to! 😦

      1. Yikes! You’re farther behind than I am, although sometimes when I’m out of town or simply too busy, I’ll just go on from where the posts are that day. It’s hard to balance online blog time, which I love, with real life, which I also love and has its own demands.

        1. It’s a juggling act sometimes isn’t it.

          I’m caught up with yesterday and today and am diving further into the weeks I’m behind in an email or two a day.
          I’ve only combed through the oldest ones to make sure I addressed the ones that needed attention straight-away. Blogs, and social posts take me longer to get through. I’m betting you’re doing the same thing. 🙂

          1. I have virtual stacks of unread emails or emails I wanted to keep to refer to and are now zillions of days old. I’m trying to go through and cull, but it takes time, too. The problem with challenges is that I always try to not only get to all the entries, but comment if at all possible. That works with Thursday Doors (usually) and a few other, but the Weekly Photo Challenge is impossible. Then there are the blogs that I follow (not as many as I’d like) and I don’t even dare add many new ones as time is already too short.

            1. I don’t know how you’re doing both Thursday Doors, and a weekly challenge this year, and post other images too! I can only do one weekly challenge a year plus my “regular” photography which keeps me off the computer and in the field. 🙂
              Thursday Doors is my weekly challenge this year. Next year I’ll just post when I have an interesting door, but I won’t pressure myself to post every week. I’m thinking about next year’s 52 week project already.

              I like to comment on the blogs I follow too, but sometimes I just don’t know what to say, and “beautiful”, and “lovely” seem so blah that I end up not saying anything. I really admire how you’re able to say something really great all the time!

            2. For a few years I did Friday Fictioneers, 100-word response (story, poem, whatever) to a photo prompt each week. We didn’t have to comment on each one, but I always tried to and after the total reached about 100, I just couldn’t do it anymore. I know what you mean about not knowing what to say and sometimes I do the “beautiful” or “lovely” response, too, albeit sincerely meant.

              We can only do what we can do and that changes from time to time. Glad you’re doing Thursday Doors, though. I also do two other weekly challenges, one which doesn’t have too many participants any more but I enjoy and the Oddball Photo Challenge, which is a blast, but I haven’t been good about getting to the other entries recently.

  3. Beautiful and unusual door, Deborah! If you hadn’t told about the chilies, I would have missed it:) Because I was looking at the goat’s (?) head! The garden door is very pretty, because of its frame. Hope to see more of Sedona – did you also go to the Grand Canon? When Dutch people visit us, they know about the Grand Canon. so I tell them about Yosemite Nat. Park (in my opinion it’s prettier:):) ) Don’t I sound like a Californian or what?

      1. you’re probably right. Am not too much up on skeletons!:) Before I forget, hope to see you there Saturday Nov. 19 – 4 neighbors already offered to help -so different from the city in this respect.

  4. Those are great finds, Deborah. It’s so cool to be doing something else and find a really charming door. It’s like “Yatzee!” I have got to get to AZ at some point.

    1. Yahtzee! I love that game. No one in the family likes it well enough to play with me though so I rarely play it. My poor old set is so old the box is being held together with rubber bands.

      Thank you for the lovely comment about the door. It was a treat to see and stop for it when driving down the canyon road.

      YES, go to AZ! It’s got some beautiful and stunning views.

            1. That version of the Monopoly game would be very cool to have! I never looked into seeing what if any version is available for Silicon Valley or San Jose. I should look into that! We might play more?

            2. Pittsburgh edition was discontinued in the 90s so it has a lot of the older stuff. I found it on Craig’s List and the woman was so sweet about sending it to me.

  5. Some wonderful finds Deborah. I’ve had the good fortune to visit that part of your country a number of times. I’ve always been so awestruck by the natural beauty that I never noticed doors 🙂
    If I get the chance to go again, I think I’ll have to pay closer attention.

    1. Thank you so much Shiva!

      Last year we completed a little remodel at our house and didn’t replace all the doors, but next the remaining original 6 interior doors are being replaced with modern 6 panel doors. I appreciate modern door manufactures too! 🙂

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