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While watching the night sky for Perseid Meteors Friday night I shot just under 300 frames. In all those frames I only managed to photograph 3 meteors! The rest that I saw were over my head or just out of the frame.

What to do with all those frames of stars? Stack them to make a Star Trail image is one thing.

Passing car headlights, other star gazers using their flashlights, and headlamps…maybe my own red headlamp too unintentionally light painted the trees, and foreground bushes for me.

Star Trails with Perseid Meteor

If I get a chance to photograph the Perseids or any other meteor showers this year or next I’ll use my 16mm Fisheye lens to get more sky in my frame.

Nikon Df| Nikkor 20mm f/1.8G| composite of 24 frames @ f/2.8| 26seconds ea| ISO 1600| Delkin Digital Film| PS CC 2015.5

more to come…




  1. love the quote by Marcus Aurelius. Fantastic work Deb!

  2. This is really REALLY cool Deborah! I love it!!

  3. I’m at a loss for words except for “Wow!*. Definitely outside of the realm of talent for this amateur!

  4. Cool shot, Deborah! Kinda looks like autumn leaves on the right bottom of the frame.

  5. Amazing photo from this amateur’s point of view. Thanks for sharing it because I’ll never capture one like that. 🙂

  6. Neat effect Deborah, I too like it with the foreground lit up as well. Guess if you wanted it dark you could probably mask out the frames that had the lights on them.

    • Thanks Harold! I originally stacked 27 images, but then turned off 3 of the the layers because the bushes in front were red…probably from my own headlamp. I thought I’d get a silhouette for the trees and foreground starting out but, there was more traffic on the mountain than I anticipated. After I saw the images that had been lit by passing cars, and people on my computer I liked the effect.

      I probably couldn’t have light painted it as well if I had tried. 🙂

  7. Very cool comp!. I was shooting some time lapse on Friday morning for my Perseid meteors and the HD video showed how the earth was moving; only, not enough frames shot to make it a longer video.

    • Thank you Gordon!

      How cool! Is it posted here or flickr yet?

      That’s the other thing I could do with all the frames had I stayed in one spot long enough. I don’t have enough frames either I’m afraid. 😦 Can you extract enough stills to do a star trail image?

  8. Brilliant capture.

  9. That’s a fascinating photo. Deborah. It’s hard to imagine it without the trees, but I like the effect.

    • I like the foreground trees and shrubs lit up too. They would be silhouettes without the light-painting. I think there’s more depth with the lit up fore and mid grounds don’t you?

      Thank you for the comment and conversation Dan!

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