Thursday Doors 17/52 Sveadal

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I’m dipping into my archives for my post to Thursday Doors this week because I didn’t get any images of pretty or interesting doors this past week.

Sveadal located in Morgan Hill, Ca is a little Swedish village that one must pass through to get to a popular Santa Clara County Park called Uvas Canyon.  I pass through this village when I go looking for waterfalls in Winter.

In 1926, the Swedish American Patriotic League purchased 110 acres of beautiful mountain property for a potential retirement home that soon evolved into a summer resort. It has a beautiful Clubhouse, recreational facilities including a swimming pool, tennis courts, playground, ball field, picnic and camp grounds, two creeks and two outdoor dance floors. There are 49 private cabins and 10 rental units. ”

 This past January while on my out of the area after photographing waterfalls, and little cascades here, I stopped to make some images of the doors in the village.

Nº D10– I really like the shape of the rails, and color scheme of this cabin right down to the delicate white curtains.  The listing awning over the French Doors with its shingles covered in moss is also quite charming I think. 🙂

Swedish Architecture-Photography

…Nº D10 

Swedish Architecture-Photography

Shed Door– the rust and mold caught my eye. It gives the door more character I think.

Sveadal Shed

Nº D6-The scalloped trim on the portico, the panel door,  the 9 paned windows with their shear white curtains, and the smoke stack…this is where I’d like to be tucked with my camera, a good book, plenty of tea, wine, food that isn’t fussy or too complicated to prepare, and He-Man, and Diva Dog for the week-end.

Swedish Architecture-Photography

I also love the patina on the fence in front of Nº 6. I wonder what metal it is made of? Iron?

Metal Fence Patina

Apparently Fairies, or Hobbits live here. Unfortunately, not one Fairy or Hobbit answered the door.   I love this and want one in my yard.  I wonder what the story is behind it? Is this a tradition I wonder?

Carved house from tree stump

For the History buffs I will let Ted Olsson’s speech  given on the 100th Anniversary of the Swedish American Patriotic League speak to that here.

There’s a bit more to see here, and I’m sure more than a few hidden gems. I hope to find those in future trips back to the area.

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Nikon Df| Nikkor 28-105mm| Delkin Digital Film| PS CC 2015

More to come…




23 thoughts on “Thursday Doors 17/52 Sveadal

  1. Nice photos of doors n tour of this town/village. Haven’t heard of it before. The reason the fairies or Hobbits didn’t answer is because in Sweden I understood they had gnomes and trolls so you might have been knocking on the wrong door. 😉

  2. I love the fairy door! I like the other doors too, and I am seriously impressed that you were taking door photos even before joining Thursday Doors. I have thousands of photos, and I swear, no doors 🙂 Great post, Deborah.

    1. Thank you so much Dan! I bet you could make a Fairy house complete with windows and a door for you and your Mrs. lickety split!
      I fell in love with doors and windows back in the late 90’s. I blame blogger Kristi Espinasse at French word-a-day

      When I started studying French in the late 90’s I found her while combing the internet for tutorials, and all things French language. Her images of the windows and doors in the village where she lives are so charming that I began looking at doors and windows everywhere. I’ve been hooked since. 🙂 Pre 1998 I don’t have any either.

      1. I was thinking about the possibility of making a fairy door. Each year when we buy firewood, I scan the pile for projects. maybe in the fall, I’ll scan for a good fit.

  3. The wood cut of the fairy house is so cute! I thought it’s so interesting that the Scandinavians (also Solvang and a large amount of Dutch farmers -well the last ones not technically Scandinavians) settled in California. Love the bright colors on the wood here! A light-hearted post:) Got your email – thanks!

  4. A good excuse to dip into the archives – these are wonderful. Personally I’m a sucker for a shed door with a bit of character so I could’ve stopped there and been quite happy, then you go and and the Fairy/Hobbit house too! 😀

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