Thursday Doors 8/52 Immaculate Conception Catholic Church

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I’m a bit out of sync with my posts this week since I was hanging with the family, and chasing Horsetail Fall light this past week-end.  I didn’t find any doors to photograph this past week so I’m diving into my archives for Norm’s Thursday Doors this week.

This little church parish of Immaculate Conception is out in the countryside where I go birding quite often. It stands at the end of a small community called Tres Pinos in the township of Hollister, CA.

The Church building was built in 1892 by Father Bernard Smythe across the street from its current location. The land to build the church was purchased for $75.oo.

The Parish was moved to its present location when Hwy 25 was constructed.

The doors are humble…

Immuculate Conception Catholic Church Tres Pinos

the land, garden and sculptures around them are beautiful.

Immaculate Conception CC Side Garden

Winged Victory was constructed in 1945 as a memorial to World War II.

Winged Victory

Sculpture “Father, if it is possible let this cup pass away from me. Not as I will, but as you will” ~Jesus Christ: Matthew 26:39

"Father if it is possible let this cup pass away from me..."

St Benedict- Protect our community…

ST Benedict

The centerpiece of the 14 Stations of the Cross is Michael Angelo’s Pieta. It was sculpted in Carrera, Italy by Enrico Toricelli and donated by Fr. Stuhlmann and his brother in memory of their mother. The base of the sculpture was built by Edward Matthews.

Michael-Angelo’s Pieta by Enrico Toricelli

“The grottoes were designed and built by Edward Matthews in memory of his son, Martin Matthews. The largest grotto is the site of the Nativity, complete with wooden figures and decorated with light.” Immaculateattrespinos.orgGrotto Immaculate Conception CC Tres Pinos

The  Grotto Nativity

Grotto detail

Grotto-Three Wise Men


Grotto-The Shepard’s and animals in the manger


I didn’t get to go inside to photograph the chapel, but I hope to one day.

This is part of Norm 2.0 Thursday Doors. To see all the doors posted this week click here click on the little blue sync up button at the bottom of his page where you’ll be directed to links to all those participating.

For more information about the Parish click here.


More to come…

25 thoughts on “Thursday Doors 8/52 Immaculate Conception Catholic Church

  1. The church is tremendous. Beautifully taken too. I was interested in the biblical texts as texts from that period WWII would almost certainly be from the King James Bible and this clearly isn’t.

    What’s the D700 like?

    1. Thank you so much Jim!
      The D700… a classic camera in Nikon’s history. I loved it when I moved up from the crop sensor. To have a real 35mm camera again was wonderful and right up my street since I shoot mostly landscapes, and in the Spring and Summer Night Sky images. The low light capability was better than my D300s, and so are the colors, and contrast. The controls are right where you want them to be, and it’s been super reliable.
      Then I bought the Df. I fell in love with it, and use it as my Primary camera. Now that my D300s’ auto-focus motor has died I’m using the D700 in its place.
      I am hoping the D500 is the camera to replace my D300s then I can baby my D700 again and not use it too much.

      I’m getting close to wanting to baby my Df too.
      I’m beginning to think Nikon isn’t going to make another one, so I should probably keep mine in pristine condition and not work it to death. 🙂

  2. Love the grotto nativity scene, even though the outside sculptures are much more sophisticated! Many sculptures for such a humble, but nice church building.
    Okay, my friend, am finally ready (thanks for your patience!) for the settings to catch the humming birds with the Tamron lens – yes, it’s the one you referred to. Have a Rebel Canon. I can see the birds, because they are right in front of my window, but… I have blinds. The humming birds often come around noon, so the light behind the birds is much brighter than in my kitchen. Do I need to go outside?

  3. The church looks a little like the Methodist one I grew up in. I guess there are only so many ways to build a small church. The gardens are beautiful (very nice photos) and our church had nothing to compare with that. Nice choice for today!

    1. Thank you Dan! My church didn’t have sculptures like that either.
      The windows of the church look pretty I hope to get inside the chapel when the sun is shining through them and it’s pretty inside too.

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