P52 1/52 Yosemite Chapel Doors

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I am doing another Project 52 this year. I thought about doing one or more genres which I love to photograph, but in the end thought I’d do something different this year; Doors.  I thoroughly enjoyed Dan’s doors over at

No Facilities blog this past year brought to us by Norm over at:


I like doors and windows and I hope to come up with 52 or more doors that are interesting.

My first door for the year are the doors of Yosemite Valley Chapel. I love this Chapel. It’s so pretty in all seasons.

P52 1 of 52 Yosemite Chapel Doors

I went to Yosemite on January 1st to shoot the valley in it’s new Winter Coat of snow with 2 dear friends. This was our “not-so annual” trip. We try every year to start the year with a photography trip, but it hasn’t been consistent since we all have families, a life, and other interests. This year 3 of our little group were able to make the trip to Yosemite. Our 4th we will forgive for missing…one day! He was in the Galapagos Islands photographing all the sights, and some wildlife. I confess I’m a little jealous! Okay, back to the subject at hand. The Chapel.

I had the pleasure of attending a friends wedding here in the early 80’s. It was lovely!

Yosemite Chapel

My favorite time to photograph this chapel in the winter when there is snow.  It has the distinguished honor of being the oldest building in public use in Yosemite Valley. It was built in 1879 under the auspices of the Yosemite Union Chapel Association. Their stated purpose was:
“To erect an undenominational house of worship in the Yosemite Valley”. ~Yosemite Valley Chapel.org

“Mr. Charles Geddes, a leading architect of San Francisco, made and presented the plans. Mr. E. Thomson, also of San Francisco, erected the building at a cost of between three and four thousand dollars. It will seat an audience of about two hundred and fifty. Mr. H. D. Bacon of Oakland donated the bell. When its first notes rang out on the evening of dedication, it was the first sound of “the church-going bell” ever heard in Yosemite.” [“In the Heart of the Sierras” by James M. Hutchings (1888)]

My interior images must be on film because I can’t find them in my digital archives. I’ll have to stop by the chapel on my next visit to photograph it again in digital since it’s been a long time since I was last inside. Who knows when I’ll find the negatives, or scan them since they’re boxed up in the garage, and I’m moving ever so slowly through the boxes in the garage.

For more information about the Chapel please visit http://www.yosemitevalleychapel.org/history.htm

This post is part of Norm’s Thursday’s Doors click over to see all the doors posted this week, and add your own if inspired to. Norm gives you until Saturday noon to post!

More to come…





20 thoughts on “P52 1/52 Yosemite Chapel Doors

  1. Oh I love this, Deborah. What a fun series it will be, and this was a fabulous start. Both beautiful but I can hardly take my eyes off the second one. Just look at that gorgeous snow, reflecting lavender. Mmmmm.

  2. Sigh…I so want to be there. What a terrific way to start Deborah! Welcome 🙂
    I’ve been to Yosemite twice, both times in late summer. Going back in winter and again in early summer when all the falls are roaring would be so wonderful.
    I’m wondering if you’ve got a pic of The Ahwahnee up your sleeve for us in the weeks to come. I remember being impressed with the building but I don’t remember the doors.

    1. Thank you so much for the Welcome Norm! I do have an image or two of the Ahwahnee, but not from this latest trip. They’re from oh, 4-5yrs back. I just ran up against the clock on this last day trip and didn’t get over there.

      I recommend Winter for the magical qualities, and for the waterfalls come in the Spring. The crowds are pretty heavy by early Summer.

  3. Lovely photos and lovely doors Deborah. Welcome to Thursday Doors. I look forward to the next 51, but I’m guessing you won’t be able to stop at the end of 2016. Norm doesn’t mention the addition that is Thursday Doors 🙂

    1. Thank you so much for the welcome Dan! I can see this project being addictive. I love photographing architecture, along with doors and windows so I might already have a touch of it. 🙂 I just hope I can complete the Project! Some weeks during past year’s projects it’s been close.

    1. Thank you so much! I like History too so put those links for you. 🙂 Are you participating in Norm’s Doors? You should! You have loads of great doors in your files, and come across so many in your travels.

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