San Francisco from Slacker Ridge Trail

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The day before I came down with Strep Throat I hiked up Slacker Ridge Trail with friends to view San Francisco, Fort Baker, Horseshoe Cove, and the trailing lights along US101/HWY 1 going in and out of San Francisco.  It was an amazing night. Just before we headed out for the night. We saw this bizarre rocket shooting across the sky with a triangle white light, and long blue tail.  It looked as if it were coming straight for us from San Francisco, but it veered to the right over the bridge and up, up, up and away.  Unfortunately, I had packed up my gear ready to head down the hill so I didn’t get an image of it.

It was reported that the Navy had test fired an unarmed Trident Missile from a submarine in San Diego. The Missile was seen in San Diego, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Oregon, Nevada, WA, and I read the target was in Alaska! It was amazing to see but, I do regret packing up my gear!

San Francisco Skyline from Slacker Ridge Trail

Nikon Df| Nikon 24-70mm| Hoodman STEEL Ultra High Speed Digital Film| PSCS6

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17 thoughts on “San Francisco from Slacker Ridge Trail

  1. It does my heart good to see this view 🙂 I’m so sorry to hear about your strep. That is the pits! I used to get it all the time and finally when I was around 40 my dr. relented and removed my tonsils. I haven’ t been sick since! Yay!

    The missile accounts for all the silly UFO sightings some acquaintances were talking about. I guess UFO is more fun than the reality of a missile… It must have been a cool sight!

    1. I was so transfixed watching it I probably would have been shooting a zillion images of it had I had my camera out. Technically until we heard the reports from the Navy it was a UFO.

      I subscribe to Launch-Alert because it’s on my “bucket list” to photograph a launch of a missile or space craft. This launch wasn’t posted ahead of time. On Sunday afternoon I received an email from Launch-Alert explaining the launch we had seen. Trident missile launches are kept secret because they’re the missiles that will take down any threat of nuclear missiles from overseas, and they don’t want them knowing how good or bad we’ll be at knocking them down. I get that. Still, I was taken aback at their testing over such populated areas. I’m so glad that they got it right and it went as planned! Thank God for really good Physicists! 🙂

      1. Amen to that! When I first read your description I was also taken aback. Does this sort of thing go on often? wow! I am aiming for the Puget Sound area to settle in, and it shook me up to learn about the Trident Base there and that there are nuclear submarines patrolling those waters. Ours and theirs!!!

  2. Wonderful view Deborah; I quite often see things right after the zipper is closed on my camera bag or if I didn’t bring it. It is quite often a trade off of whether to protect the gear or carry it out in the open.

  3. That’s a very pretty view. I love the light lines the traffic makes in photos like this. Sorry you missed the photo of the missile, but at least you got to see it. San Diego to Alaska…whoa.

        1. Yes. I had both a flashlight, and headlamp on. Though hiking in the dark isn’t new to me. Did you read or see my image from Cloud’s Rest in Yosemite? I hiked up to Cloud’s Rest twice in a month. Both hikes started at 10pm and we hiked all night so we would be able to photograph the sunrise. Those were Epic hikes! I trained hard to do those.

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