Dreaming of a Country Cottage

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I worked on a watercolor tutorial by Alan Owen this morning that I think came out fairly well.

As always I continue to work on making perspective right. My chimneys need help but they’re close.

IPhone 5 , ps express app for iphone

More to come…

14 thoughts on “Dreaming of a Country Cottage

    1. Thank you so much Melissa! Coming from you that means so much! I think I get this guy and he could be my watercolor guru! I feel like this is best I’ve ever laid down paint on my paper. I’m going to do all his beginner watercolor tutorials and see how it feels then, but right now. I think I found my watercolor Master! How I wish he was my teacher in middle school! I wouldn’t have given up for all these years if I had had him.

        1. I have found that out as an adult. Sadly not when I was a child in school and really open to all the possibilities, and less inhibited. Oh well, better late than never right? 🙂 On the bright side I don’t have to ask my parents for supplies that include expensive brushes. I can afford some nice tools on my own now. 🙂

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