Monochrome Madness 2- Big Sur Coastline

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I’m a bit late with this week’s post for Monochrome Madness 2, but better late than never right? I’ve been under the weather all week with Strep Throat.

The only place I went was to the mall to do some Birthday, and Christmas shopping the week before so, I’m guessing that’s where I picked it up.

I dug into my files for this image. I made this image one evening this past May. I don’t think I’ll ever forget the experience, because not too long after I made this image I was hiking to another location along the cliffs when my boot got caught in the ice plants that were part of the trail, and I fell down then found myself sliding down the cliff. Using my tripod with my camera mounted on it like an axe or pick,  and my other hand to grab onto ice plants I was able to stop before falling over the cliff! It all happened so FAST! I was so silly my only thought was…” Crap, I hope my camera is okay!” I checked it first to make sure it  was still working when I got back up on the trail.  Thankfully both myself, and the camera were fine…dirty, and dazed, but fine.

Monochrome Madness2-32 of 52 Big Sur_5518

I took a higher path out let me tell ya!:)

I’m on the mend and feeling much better today. I hope this finds you all healthy, and safe!

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More to come…

14 thoughts on “Monochrome Madness 2- Big Sur Coastline

  1. Holy smokes! Life can change in an instant, can’t it? I am so thankful you were able to save yourself. Whew! This summer I was reaching for a limb that had fallen onto the roof of the garage. I was up there anyway painting the darned garage, and I thought, heck, I can get that limb down. Well there was a moment after a particularly vigorous tug when the ladder left me…just like Wiley Coyote I looked down and thought, Uh-oh…! and down I went. Thankfully, I got out of that with just scrapes and a couple of bruises but it really makes one grateful to be in one piece, doesn’t it?

    1. Oh my! That was quite a long drop/fall! It’s lucky you didn’t break anything! I rarely get up on the roof. I get this scared weird sense that I’m going to tumble off it. I’m not afraid of heights, but the roof kinda freaks me out.
      I’m so glad you weren’t broken or hurt from that fall! If we were cats we’d be down another life. 😦

    1. Thank you so much Harold! Truth be told I had no idea I knew how to do that with my tripod! I don’t know where that came from, but am so happy I was able to stop sliding, and claw, and crawl back up to the trail to continue on to the spot. Which as it turns out wasn’t brilliant or stunning like one would hope after taking a tumble. 🙂

  2. I’m sending a link to this to my daughter. She will understand and appreciate the concern you had for your camera. I’ve driven the entire length of the California coast, but I wasn’t able to hike much of it. Thanks for sharing this. I guess I can look it up, but what are ice plants?

    1. Thank you Dan! I can certainly understand how Faith would feel about her camera. 🙂 Ice plants; I’ve no idea what their proper name is, but we call them ice plants. It’s a succulent type ground cover that has a flower in the Spring/Summer months. I don’t think it’s native to our area, but it’s growing up and down the coast here in CA.

  3. oh thank heavens you are safe – your guardian angel was with you there! Be careful! I fell on my trip on Skye and it hurt!! I couldn’t get up till the pain subsided and like you went – oh no my camera – which crashed with me. Fortunately only bruised and bleeding knee. Beautiful mono landscape Deborah.

    1. Oh no Cybele! I’m so glad you’re alright! Yours sounds like a harder landing. Thankfully the Ice Plants provided a soft landing for me. I didn’t even have the wind knocked out of my lungs and I fell flat on my face/stomach. It’s so damp out there, and those ice plants can be slippery which I knew, but where they’d been tramped down on the trail over the years by hikers there was only roots and I thought it would be less risky. Now I know! It was so pretty out there that I didn’t want to put my camera in the pack in case something caught my eye while on the way to my “real shooting” spot. I imagine you were thinking the same thing. I’m so glad we’re both okay!

  4. That must have been very scary!! And isn’t crazy how we don’t seem to worry about ourselves but our cameras? LOL Glad to hear your throat is healing…strep is a nasty one! Take good care of yourself 🙂

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