P52 27/52: Treasures from the Trail

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My hike today turned into a treasure collecting hike. I found lots of trail glass in colors of green, brown, and clear, a little pebble, a little silver button, a penny gleaming off the trail in the bush; my pocket was getting full! Then on the way down I found these little acorns laying in the trail and had to scoop them up too. I carried them in the palm of hand more than a mile down the trail to my car.

When I got home I got out my tripod, Camera, and Speedlights and set about making some images of what I found.

P52 27 of 52 Treasures from the TrailI love this little pick of acorns!

P52 27 of 52 Treasures from the Trail

I wasn’t planning to post twice today, but I suddenly realized I hadn’t posted my image for my Project 52 this week, so these found treasures that made me smile, lightened my heart, and made the hike even more joyful get that honor instead of the image of a rose with a bee that I meant to post yesterday.

Nikon Df| AF-D Nikkor 105mm Macro lens| Tripod| SB910, SB600, triggered with an SU800|

I hope you all are having a lovely week-end!

More to come…

15 thoughts on “P52 27/52: Treasures from the Trail

    1. Thank you so much Cybele! This one was truly from my heart. Being on the trail I usually find my “happy place”, finding these treasures on top of that…Nirvana! 🙂

      I usually collect rocks and pebbles…to the point that friends I shoot and hike with often bring me rocks and pebbles they think I’ll like. 🙂 Finding the glass was wonderful…a new calling for me, the button a gift. As you know Silver calms the spirit, brings the wearer more in tune with the flow of the universe, increases strength of perception, and increases psychic and intuitive ability and more.

      Glass, and the stone have other properties that called me. Green and white mean plentiful, money, happiness, but I have to look up brown. It called me, and I was hoping to find blue glass. I didn’t and my spirit felt an emptiness…less complete. I hope I find blue glass!

        1. I hope so b/c it’s something I need…my spirit needs it to the point that I’m going to start wearing my Turquoise again. A stone I’ve not worn since my 20’s! I’m in my 50’s now. I hope it helps calm my spirit. I wonder if it’s due to the upheaval in my life and chaos I’m feeling with the construction at my home? I don’t feel stable, and can’t find anything that’s moved. Most likely that’s why Blue and Green are calling just now.

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