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This is an image from the Rodeo I attended recently. He has a great face for photography I thought.

Monochrome Madness 2 18 of 52 The Wrangler

It’s already week 18 of Monochrome Madness2! Time seems to pass so quickly each week. I barely made my entry to the challenge these last two weeks.  I hope you have some time to click over to Leanne’s site and view the other entries. I’m sure you’ll find something you like, and lots of inspiration.

Nikon Df| AF-D Nikkor 80-200mm| @145mm| f/6.3| 1/1250s| ISO 400| Manual Priority| Hoodman STEEL Ultra Digital Film| Hand-held

More to come…



  1. Yes, he has a wonderful face. Nicely captured 🙂

  2. home on the range!! Love the cowboys Deborah!

  3. I love the “Wrangler” on his sleeve, it seems so appropriate – great photo.

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