Hike to Mission Peak

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Big Baby Boy and Catherine at Mission PeakWe hiked to Mission Peak this morning. It’s a tradition of sorts to hike up here when Big Baby Boy is home. We had a 3 day week-end in the States, so my son and girl-friend came up from Southern CA to hang out with us and #1 Grandson. His girl-friend had never hiked up here before. She’s amazing she ran the last steepest 500ft to get to the top. She was excited to get there.

It was exciting for me too. I have a new Personal Best time for the hike up 1h 31m!

Instead of taking my photo on the pole…which I’ve done before a few times I took a photo of my toy mascot Travelerette on the Survey Mark. Someone stole the little plate, but the nails spelling out Mission Peak, and elevation are still there.  Mission Peak is in the Diablo Range in Northern California. It is 2,517 ft high, and nearly every step of the 3.4miles we hiked is steep, steep, steep!   We hiked the Less Steep Route which is 3.4 miles to the top with an elevation gain of 2,017ft. Total miles hiked 6.8

Travelerette on Mission PeakIt was very crowded up there today. The line to stand on the pole and take your picture was long. It took us a half hour or more. I was pleased to see it has become custom to wait in line for your turn since my last hike up to the pole. Honestly it’s got to be so popular up there avoid week-ends, and holidays if you can!

Look at this line! There were 4 to 5 people ahead of me not in the frame.

Line of hikers to Mission Peak Pole waiting to take their photo

Nikon D700| AF-S Nikkor 50mm f1.8G @ f8| 1/250s| ISO 200| Manual Priority| Matrix Met| Hand-held

4 thoughts on “Hike to Mission Peak

  1. Wow, thanks for posting this Deborah. I’ve never visited the Mission Peak area and had no idea that hike was so popular. Neat to see so many people up there.

    1. Thank you so much Geo! You really should hike up to MP before you leave the area! I would start up early and go on a week-day…not a week-end or holiday.
      If you want company to show you the trail I volunteer!!!

      This morning I saw a Western Tanager, Meadow lark, Red-tail hawk, and Turkey Vulture along the trail.
      Of course I was hiking light and did not take a long lens. If you have a “do it all Lens” that would be a good lens to hike up with.

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