June Hiking Report

Photograph by Deborah M. Zajac. All Rights Reserved. Fawn

Descending Vista Point one morning I rounded a bend in the trail and stopped dead in my tracks. There 25ft away was this little fawn (see photo above). It’s mother was on the other side of the trail in the trees waiting for the fawn to cross the trail. Startled by hikers coming up the trail it had stopped then I happened along. It looked at me and headed in the opposite direction of its mother. Then timidly it crept up to this tree and watched me and its mother. It’s mother was not happy; she pranced and paced back and forth with worry. I wasn’t sure what I should do…wait and hope the mother crossed, or the fawn crossed, or just move on. I took a few quick photos. We hikers looked at each other wondering what would happen next then the Mother bounded up the hill the wrong way! Then the fawn sped down the hill into the bushes the wrong way! I continued down the mountain all the while hoping they’d reunite.

An anxious Doe!

Photography By Deborah M. Zajac. All Rights Reserved.

I hiked a lot of miles in June. My elevation gained totals are incredible. The total floored me  again when I added it up. I took a lot of neat wildlife and flower photographs while hiking in this park during the month of June, but these two photos are my favorites.

Just seven more weeks until the big hike to Yosemite’s Cloud’s Rest. I still am on track for successfully completing that hike.

JUNE Hiking Report

*6/2/2011- 8.15 miles, 2,170ft, 3h10m PG&E trail out & back

6/7/2011- 10 miles, 2,549 ft, 4h 33m  Rhus Ridge to Black Mt Trail out & Back

6/10-12/2011-  about 11 miles, at various parks and site around Sonoma Coastal area. Many parks were closed due to budget cuts so we had to drive to other locations to do any hiking.

6/16/2011- 8.15miles, 1,962ft, 3h 5m, PG&E out & back to Vista Point

**6/19/2011- 6.2miles, 2,197 ft, 3h, Mission Peak- Peak Trail the steep route

6/21/2011- 8.15miles, 1,962ft, 3h3m, PG&E trail out & back

6/25/2011-6.45 miles, 2,236 ft, 3h24m, Horse Heaven trail up, Peak Trail down- time to the top 2h4m

6/29/2011- 2.4m, 2,100ft, 1h20 mins. Horse Heaven Trail out & back

 June Total Feet Climbed


 June total Miles Hiked


*6/2/2011 total ft is average of 3 measurements

2123ft, 1962ft & 2427ft.

6/16/2011 time to Vista Point 1h34m! Fastest yet, even stopping to take photos!!!

** 6/19/2011 started ascent at 320Ft, Vineyard Drive

6/21/2011- start time 6:37a.m. Time @ Vista Point 8:13a.m. =1h40m

Nikon D300s| Nikkor 18-200mm VR| Induro CT213 Tripod


“Courage doesn’t always roar. Sometimes courage is the quiet voice at the end of the day saying, “I will try again tomorrow.”~Mary Anne Radmacher

Copyright © 2010 Deborah M. Zajac. All Rights Reserved.

Don Edwards Wildlife Refuge
Drawbridge Ghost Town

2.5 mile hike out to this spot

A friend and I went out to this refuge to scout it out for a possible Meet-up location.
Unfortunately you can’t really get to Drawbridge anymore from this side. This is as close as we can get.
Not a total loss though. There were White Pelicans everywhere, and several types of Egrets, and this sunset was rather nice.

Nikon D300s
Nikkor 17-35mm f/2.8AF-S

Full Moon Over James Lick Observatory

Copyright © 2010 Deborah M. Zajac. All Rights Reserved.

This shoot was fun. We hiked out through some thick brush, and not much of a trail to get to this location.
Using TPE we got the angle and with a bit more math and thought we got the time right too.
I need to remember to buy bug spray and wipes they were eating me alive! We’re having a hot spell so the evening was gorgeous and warm. I didn’t need my wool sweater or jacket until the sun dropped.
I didn’t realize the little dome was open last night at all. It wasn’t until I uploaded my photos that I saw it open. It was only open for two frames then closed again.

Walking out of the location and back to our cars we were stopped by a Ranger who had been looking for us. Evidently we were parked in area that was closed after sunset. He told us he’d been looking for us for 45 minutes and he given all 3 cars citations despite our day passes and camping permit. He didn’t see our camping permit. We didn’t put it in the right spot. We left it on the dash of one car and it should have been dropped in a box at the entrance. We had been told we needed to buy a campsite, and a day pass per car two days prior to our going to shoot this by a Ranger.
Once we explained what the Ranger told us to do to be legal he said he’d remove the citations. What a relief that was!
I’m glad the group leader for this event called ahead to speak to a Ranger and made sure we would be legally in the park after sunset.

Nikon D300s
Nikkor 70-300mmVR