“They can be like a sun, words. They can do for the heart what light can for a field.”~ St John of the Cross

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Here’s another photo from my hike up to Mission Peak on Weds.  We saw these cows grazing on the way down Peak Trail. The Sun was beginning to burn off the fog, and the light on the distant hills gave them a wonderful glow.

Nikon D300s, Nikkor 18-200mmVR, Hoya Multi Coated Pro1 UV filter, Sundisk Ultra SDHC Digital Film

After Hours Photo-Walk

A friend and I went to Coyote Hills Regional Park in Fremont, CA for an after hours photo walk with a Ranger.

There were quite a few other photographers there. We were a 5 car caravan in all with Ranger Bev, Alex, and myself in the lead car.

We drove out to a creek to catch the last of the Golden Hour. Here we saw  white pelicans sleeping on a pond, the moon rising, and the most beautiful golden amber color on the sun dried fennel, thistle, and grass.

Copyright © 2010 Deborah M. Zajac. All Rights Reserved.

For this shot I used my Singh Ray LB ColorCombo/Warming Polarizer which really helped to make those golds pop.

I also thought to take my telephoto on my D90 just to be ready for any wildlife or birds. It proved to be a wise choice.

While shooting the creek several White Pelicans flew by me. I managed to get this one as it passed me. It’s lost its whiteness in

this evenings amber glow.

and a couple more,

While regrouping and getting all 5 cars ready to roll to the next stop I caught this shot with the Fennel in silhouette through the window

of the van.

Copyright © 2010 Deborah M. Zajac.  All Rights Reserved.

After this we drove around the mountain to the mud flats where we  parked then some of us climbed up a trail on foot about 1000 ft with at least a 20% grade- NO KIDDING! I’m going to look up the name of this hill, er Mountain!

The view was stunning. Here I got a great view of the lights just coming on in Eastern Fremont including the Moon on the rise.

Copyright © 2010 Deborah M. Zajac.  All Rights Reserved.

I turned around and got a nice view of the mud flats and sunset. As the evening wore on the colors in the sky got deeper and deeper.

I used my Graduated Neutral Density filters and polarizer, to cut the heat of the sky, and then found bracketing with 2 stops down really brought out those reds, and oranges.

Here is my last shot of the night. Bands of blue, red, orange, and yellow, and a bit of reflection in the damp mud flats. I used the middle bracketed shot EV 00. I ran it through ACR’s basic sliders, added a bit of sharpening, and resized it.

Copyright © 2010 Deborah M. Zajac.  All Rights Reserved.

It was a lovely Sunday evening spent with good people, a good friend, and beautiful views.

Nikon D300s

Nikon D90

Nikkor 80-200mm  2.8AF-D

Nikkor 17-35mm  2.8AF-S

A Predawn Hike

This morning I met some fellow Night Photographers for a Sunrise Hike up to Mission Peak in Fremont,CA.

A last minute change of plans to start at a different trail head took us to Peak Trail Loop. We started up at 4:50AM a bit late. We start the climb at 500ft. The Peak is just 3 short miles up and Peaks at 2517ft.

The group moved a lot faster than I did. I wasn’t going to make the Peak before sunrise so I decide to grab a shot during morning twilight or my favorite “blue period” just before dawn.  This was taken just above bench #3.

© Copyright 2010 Deborah M. Zajac. All Rights Reserved.

I made it up to Bench #4  and took one last shot of the valley below in the dawning light. I think I’m at about 2400 ft. here. The morning was foggy, damp, and overcast as you see. This is our typical Summer pattern here in the Bay Area. Although it’s cooler than normal.

© Copyright 2010 Deborah M. Zajac. All Rights Reserved.

From here I headed back down to a hot cup of tea, and breakfast. I will hike this trail again and perhaps go all the way to the top next time.