The Bistro Gallery- New Photos Added!

Check out the Bistro Gallery. I’ve added new photos. This gallery is place I’m highlighting the work  of some of the very talented photographers who are members of the Bistro a Nikon users group.

Like this photograph by Anna, aka  Mystica_10v3

Photograph by Anna- aka: Mystica_10v3

All the 2011 Galleries are here. Scroll down the page you can’t miss them.

Photograph used with permission for this blog.

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Bump: The Bistro Gallery- new photos added

This week I have the honor and pleasure  of being the Curator of the Bistro Gallery. The Bistro is a Nikon Users group in the flickr community.

If you have time pour yourself a drink, pull up a comfy chair, and visit this week’s gallery. You’ll see the work of a few of the many talented photographers who call the Bistro “their local”.

Like this photo titled “Strike a Deal” by Ken Lunders

Photograph by Ken Lunders

I’ll be the Curator  thru July 3, 2011 please come by often as I’ll be adding photographs daily.

Past galleries I’ve curated:

Bistro 1.

Bistro 2.

To view all the 2011 Galleries go here. Then scroll down to find the Galleries.

Copyright © Deborah M. Zajac.  All Rights Reserved.