51 thoughts on “Whatever Weds. Winter is…

          1. Yes – it is
            And one year when my boys were little – we went out to get some blooms – it was lightly raining and we were trying to make it quick – and all these petals fell on us and we went in with them – I grabbed a photo too
            It just have been right around the time they were about to drop

            Sadly though, this tree has had a trunk fungus from year one – I patched it up and the life layers were svawd – but the trunk still has issues – the tree leans – and it’s growth is very little each year – but it is holding its own (definitely a life analogy in there)
            And a few times we thought about having it removed so a new one could be nurtured – but we have grown fond of this tree

            1. We had a Bing Cherry tree in our backyard at the old house. It was already mature when we bought the house and it lived and produced for us for 15 years or so then died. We were heartbroken. We loved the cherries, and the tree. We were told they have a lifespan of 25-30 years so we figured our tree was an old one.

              I hope yours keeps hanging in there for you.

            2. That must have been so nice to have a fruiting cherry – ours is not that kind – it just flowers and besides that ten days (approx) of blooms / the tree is just so-so looking

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