50 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday- On the bank of the River

    1. On my walk up to the mailbox and back yesterday I spotted one tree with new buds, but there’s a 50% chance of snow on Saturday so Punxsutanwney Phil might be right and there is 6 more weeks of winter.

      However, I’m amazed at little sunlight melts the snow here. One minute the Pinenuts are covered in snow and when the sun just peeks out it’s all melts. I supposed that’s because we’re just under 4800 ft elevation where it’s warmer. ?
      It’s all new to me and exciting and as just as bewildering.

    1. I believe so. Many things around here are named for him. Carson Pass, Carson River, Carson Valley, and the Carson Range. I think he was the scout to Fremont when he was surveying around this area?
      I’m just learning all this too as I dig deeper into my new homeland.

        1. Here as well, but not these golf course ponds. I suppose they’re too shallow. I do miss the birds that are usually here. I think I’ve discovered where some have decided to winter in though. Others…further south I suspect.

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