Whatever Weds. Looking Up

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I hope everyone had a lovely week-end. We shared our holiday with Baby Girl and her family and had loads of fun.

We dyed Eggs for the Easter bunny to hide and the colors came out so pretty. We used Baby Girl’s fresh from the coop eggs which are mostly brown eggs. We had to leave the eggs in the dye longer but it was so worth it. Look at these colors! I love the red and green ones the best.

Dyed Easter Eggs

Instead of chocolates we took the kids cookies to paint. We found the kits at Costco and it was fun. Even the teenage Grand-daughters enjoyed painting their cookies. There was enough for me to do one so I painted along with a couple of the kids. They ate their cookies as soon as they finished painting them so I didn’t get a photo, unfortunately.

Painted Easter Egg Cookie

Later in the afternoon the youngest Grand-daughter taught me how to drive the little red Quad and after two loops I was zipping around the property having a blast. I can’t wait to ride it again. I plan to go down the harder roads on their property then!

Me zipping by on the quad. Image courtesy of Baby Girl.

Let’s go back to my camping trip and look up at the stars from Mono Lake.

” Be glad of life because it gives you the chance to love, to work, to play, and to look up at the stars.”~ Henry Van Dyke

Star Trails over Mono Lake, Tufas. 107 frames

There was quite a bit of airline traffic that night as you see. I took out a couple of airline tracks that were red and distracting I thought.

I hope everyone had a great week-end, and you’re glad of life this week and always!

Nikon D81-|Nikkor 24-120mm| iPhone| PS CC 22.2.2

more to come…

55 thoughts on “Whatever Weds. Looking Up

  1. Wow – this eggs have such a vibrant color – they look like they belong to van gogh’s Easter bunny! Never saw brown eggs dyed like that

    And the stars and quote were such a nice lift to my morning – thanks

  2. The Easter eggs are beautiful! I’m glad you and Baby Girl took the time to dye the eggs. It makes Easter eggs special. Can I tell you that most parents today hide plastic eggs filled with candy for their children? There is not the ritual of dying the eggs. Sad! Oh, I want to drive that Little Red Quad! And, thank you for the beautiful photo of the stars in the sky. 😀

    1. Baby Girl did some plastic eggs too with one Golden egg with $20 in it! All the others had candy and/or coins, a few $1 ones, and one $5 one.
      I made Deviled Eggs out of most of the dyed eggs to go with our dinner. They were a hit too!

      Thank you so much, Jennie! 💗🥚🐇

  3. In Greece we knock our eggs against each other and see who ‘wins’. There is a lot of cheating with fake eggs etc. Happy —belated—Easter, Deborah! Ours is this week.

    I was not allowed to log in, hence the email!


    1. Thank you so much, Marina! Are the eggs raw or cooked for the Easter Eggs matches? It sounds fun. I’ve never heard of that or seen it. I’ll look for a video on it.

      I’m having issues with Instagram- I can’t like anything without getting a notice that I’m blocked. I can still post and comment so there’s that to be thankful for. It’s annoying though!

      Wow, to have your work selling in a shop beneath the Acropolis!! That’s a place that seems more like a dream than a real place. I wish you all the best with your new Etsy Shop. Happy Easter!! 🕊🐇🥚

    1. It was fun! I think I’ve I mentioned the girls before but, not very often. We got 4 Grand-daughters when Baby Girl married The Handsome Surveyor, he got #1 Grandson from her, and together they made Littlest so 6 in all! 🥰

      Thank you so much, Judy! The first of several night sky images I hope to do this Spring/Summer season.

  4. The eggs are lovely but the cookies are a better idea for the kids. I’ve never driven a quad although a horse is a quad of sorts right? 🙂 The sky shot is beautiful. What editing do you use? Lightroom? I just use some free ones and always wonder whether it’s worth it for me to pay for more.

    1. Thank you so much, Janet! They got so much chocolate from the Easter Bunny that this was a good idea!

      Yes, the horse is quad of sorts! 🤣

      I use Photoshop. I never could get into Lightroom with it’s catalog management system when I already had a great system of finding, tagging, and storing my images on my computer and I was used to using Photoshop, Adobe Camera Raw, and Bridge.

      If it ain’t broke don’t fix it I say! If the current program you’re using doesn’t do layers there are free star stacking programs out there if you want to get into night sky photography.

  5. Next year when painting cookies you need to stop your grandchildred from eating the things for at least 5 seconds, Deborah. 🙂 Riding that quad looks great fun and your star trail photo at Mono Lakes is stunning! As always I’m glad of life and I’m happy you are too!

  6. Your Easter weekend sounds like a lot of fun and sweetness, Deborah, and the colored eggs are spectacular. Really loved the star photo, what a masterpiece–the sky and your photo–and the quote was lovely too.

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