Whatever Weds. Sunset Colors & Swirly Clouds

Copyright ©2022 Deborah M. Zajac. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

I’m home from a long week-end of camping and photography with friends old and new. I’m still culling images, but here’s one from Mono Lake taken shortly after sunset. I was set up to shoot west but looking around I saw this cloud developing to the northeast so I turned my camera around and waited for this to unfold. This cloud formation and color were wonderful and a beautiful end to a fun day.

Mono Lake, Clouds, and Tufas. Friday April, 8, 2022

Nikon D810| 24-120mm@24mm| f/10| ISO 100| PS CC 23.2.2

more to come…

52 thoughts on “Whatever Weds. Sunset Colors & Swirly Clouds

  1. This is really something! Yesterday I was looking for your blog and was not able to reach it (I think I just lacked the last “s”, lol!
    I was looking to wish you a happy Easter and am finding yours today on my email! Many thanks Deborah for the sincere thought and extra effort. The card is beautiful! Wishing you and your hubby a wonderful Easter! Emille

  2. This photo is stunning, Deborah, you had me staring at it for several minutes. The colors, reflections and interesting clouds. I do love Mono Lake, what a joy to be taken there this morning. I look forward to enjoying more.

  3. I love the way the clouds are swirling above the butte. Yes, always look behind you when photographing. There could be a beautiful scene or a bear just waiting for you.

  4. That is a lovely photo, Deborah. It looks like you might be on a different planet. There’s a significant otherworldly nature to this (at least I think so).

    1. It feels otherworldly when there too. It’s a very different landscape under the water and when it’s exposed like this and we get to see it it’s beautiful and surreal. Thank you so much, Dan!

  5. That is an inspiring glimpse! It’s inspiring me to think of a time when we would have seen this, and assumed that these unique rocks are spewing out that (gorgeous) swirls of red into the sky… What could it mean? 🙂 It’s easy to see how stories and legends can emerge in this setting. Thank you for sharing this inspiring moment!

    1. I too can see how stories and myths could emerge seeing scenery like this on our planet. Mono Lake has an interesting history. Thank you so much!

      Your question this morning was interesting, but I ‘em read it too early to get that deep. I will say mine was a winding and curvy road/journey.😀

      1. I’m not familiar with its history, though I can see how it’d provide a fertile ground for legends and myths!

        I scheduled my post, it’s too early for me to be awake, but it’s the only way I found to circumvent an issue I came across in posting…

        I think long, curvy, and winding are the best kind of journeys 😃

        1. The tufas were uncovered when too much water was allowed to be released to So. Calif during the ongoing water wars. They aren’t allowed to take as much water now, but still get some.

          I schedule my post early as well it works for many of us to do that. 😀

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