One Liner Weds. Foreign Languages Can Be Tricky

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Language Dictionaries

Last week He-Man and I made a trip over to see Baby Girl, The Handsome Surveyor, and the boys.

One afternoon 8 year old #1 Grandson came down the stairs to the top of the landing and said, ” Grandma, I can count to 6 in French! Wanna hear me do it?”

I replied, “Of course I do!” Picture this -his mom, and He-Man were also in the living room all ears now. #1 Grandson stood up tall, and as if on a stage at the top of the landing he began to count,

“Uno, dos, tres, cuatro, cino, seis!!!”

It was perfect Spanish and I told him it was. 😂 Not French but, very well done!

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Nikon D810| Nikkor 24-120mm| PS CC 23.0.0

more to come…

47 thoughts on “One Liner Weds. Foreign Languages Can Be Tricky

    1. It was great seeing you at the river last week! The Townsend Solitaire came out good, but no other birds.

      What was the name of the book you were telling me about…something pocket?

      I hope you have a lovely Happy Thanksgiving!!

  1. How sweet Deborah, it did give me a laugh. I can remember performing for my uncle when he came, and how we showed off our newly learnt skills. If he keeps learning he may be quite a charmer, I remember when I was learning French, an older girl asked me what “I love you” was in French so she could tell her boyfriend. I am sure he would have gone “Uh ?!” not out of surprise but out of ignorance 🙂

  2. 🙂 What fun! Languages certainly can be tricky. I’m learning Norwegian right now and it’s very interesting. Just a bit like German and with lots less words than most languages. Also it’s impossible to go to a bookstore and pick up a book on learning Norwegian!! Just gotta keep my voice going up and down in that Scandinavian way, right? 🙂

          1. “Cool” might be the operative word, Deborah, depending upon when I go. Right now I’m not worried about it as they haven’t moved yet and I have no idea how long I’ll need to be helping with Mom and Dad plus the whole Covid thing.

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