46 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday- Dragonfly

    1. Oh my gosh, Judi, your compliment is making me float! I may float for a week on this compliment! I just happened to be there at the right moment…that is all.
      I love Ansel Adams quote about that, have you heard it? It goes like this, “Sometimes God puts me in the right place and moment to take a picture.”

    1. Thank you so much, Gordon! I wish you were with me on this shoot. I miss you.

      This rig is sooo much lighter than my Nikon kit. I went from 11 pounds to 4 pounds for wildlife shoots!! It’s amazing! I still use Nikon for Landscape and all my full frame needs though. I’m not ready to give up on Nikon yet. I’ve been a Nikon gal sine 2008 when I move from Film to Digital.

        1. I’m seeing images posting by friends on IG and Andreas sends me images he’s taken of the air there. It’s so bad! It’s unhealthy here too but not that deep orange. We’ve had several days of sepia then it clears, and now it’s bad again.

          I’m hoping to get out as soon as it clears again! You take care too!

  1. I love dragonflies but it amuses me how much they look like aliens in a sci-fi movie. 🙂 You’d love the wetlands we saw last Saturday. There were thousands of dragonflies. 🙂


  2. Hey Deborah…looks like you got a new toy are you shifting over to mirrorless too? I’m still a canon guy but using the R6….

    1. Hi Dan! I’ve had the Fuji …oh gosh maybe 8 months now. I just couldn’t carry the heavy Nikon rig out here. No auto route tours!

      So, I bought this rig for wildlife and telephoto photography, but still shoot Nikon for Landscapes, Nightsky, micro, etc.

      How do like the R6?

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