39 thoughts on “Wordless Weds. 12-Spotted Skimmer

  1. I love dragonflies, too, and was looking through some older photos the other day where I saw some photos of these I took in Illinois. They remind me of beautiful bi-planes. 🙂 You’d love Sweetwater Wetlands, where the must have been at least a thousand dragonflies of various sizes and colors. Lovely shot.


    1. I’m so glad you like this one too, Deb! Thank you!

      I wanted to say something about your blog post today, but I didn’t think I had anything intelligent to add to the comments that were being left. Saying I’m a blogger but a not writer seemed too simple minded. 😀

    1. Great praise coming from you, Brian. Thank you so much! I really wanted to get in front of her, but there was so much bush, and water flowing on the other side and I was afraid I’d spook her being this close! You don’t have banded ones there? What about the Pennant ones?

      1. No all our dragons have plain wings, one has golden coloured wings but none have the beautiful markings like your Pennants. We have a damselfly or rather a demoiselle with banded wings called rather appropriately Banded Demoiselle.
        What I like about your shot is the great composition, the way the colours compliment each other and the lighting is spot on. Sometimes you don’t need macro shots showing the minutest detail to appreciate their beauty.

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