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This and That. What does that mean to me? Things that I photograph that I don’t feel really define who I am as a photographer. Things that catch my eye while I am out photographing things that I love and things that are happening in our time outside of my usual genre that I make an effort to go out and photograph. Can we call those images journalistic images? I do. Yes, I have a journalling file folder even for photography. 🤓 And just stuff I’m doing.

Let’s start here with the USAF’s Air Guard who flew over Carson City and many other towns in NV and CA to honor the First Responders and those countless other people who are working every day to support the citizens of their counties and communities during the Pandemic of the Wuhan Corona Covid-19 Virus.  Do you see them just coming over the Carson Range? Three tiny little specs with a whole lot of impact and respect for those braving the virus on the ground every day?  HERE THEY COME!!! 3 C-130's Fly Coming into Carson Valley

Here’s a closer look at one of the planes…  Damn, they were awesome!! Thank you for flying and honoring them all!! 🙏

USAF C130 Flyovrer 2020

A view from a boring “Stretch my Legs Hike”.  The 4-mile round trip hike is boring…the view…not so much.

Home is down there. That makes me smile and very happy.  The rock formations are pretty cool too. Just sayin.

The View from Clear Creek

Backyard View and Golf Cart traffic…The fruitless Olive trees are beginning to bloom. April 2020

Copyright © Deborah M. Zajac

…I’ve been painting on and off throughout the lockdown.

My Grandson Kneeboarding for the first time from a photo Baby Girl sent us while he was doing it.

Jaxon Kneeboarding First Time

I subscribed to the JohnMuirLaws Drawing Birds webinar while my watercolor class was on hold due to the pandemic and I tried sans success to keep up with the homework. However, I did manage to draw and fill in with paint a Duck and Shorebird I drew freehand from my own photographs then added watercolor to them after watching his webinar. I’m rather proud of these paintings. They look like what I intended them to look like! That’s huge! 😀

Lesser Scaup and Avocet watercolor

Okay, that’s 6, six images in this post. Way more than I usually post, and I have loads more of images that fall into the This and That category. I’ll stop, but you can count on more images from this category coming one day in the future. 😀

I hope you’re all doing well, and hanging in there! It will get better!

Nikon Camera and Lenses, Fuji Camera and Lens, Lumix FZ200, and Iphone 7 Plus


more to come…









54 thoughts on “Whatever Weds. This and That

  1. I love that they were flying over. The Blue Angels flew over our house during that time for the same reason. Your shorebird is an American Avocet and pretty great! 😊

  2. The rock formation and golf cart are my favorites. Your paintings are so cute, too. Markus has been encouraging me to try watercolor for some time now but I am still terrified!

  3. I loved the flyovers that were honoring those First Responders. Those rock formations ARE pretty cool. I should try my hand at some watercolors. I have them sitting around but still have made no attempt! Great captures of this and that, Deborah!

    I hope all is well!! xx

  4. Love your capture with the tractor in the background!
    Don’t be discouraged, Deborah. With art, it takes a long time for things to look like you intended, but you can celebrate when it at least looks good by your won standards:) You are really progressing in displaying “depth!”
    Also when you change the subject of things you want to paint, it will again take a while for your skill to develop in the new subject. What helped me in the beginning was to go to a local art association (they’re often monthly), to be exposed to different styles and to get new ideas.

      1. Long road to recovery, they say 6-12 months due to the severity of the fractures. But I’m doing well and I am healing. Thanks so much, Deborah.

  5. Thanks for sharing all these personal little moments. Your views near Home are utterly spectacular. Kudos to your grandson ☺️….
    and your Avocet and Lesser Scaup are delightful!

  6. Did I know and forgot that you painted? Entirely possible but well done you! Olive Trees. That means the ones at the Olive Mill are likely starting to bloom. Have to get out there soon. (Good excuse, right, checking on the olive trees?)

    Happy midweek!


    1. Probably knew I painted, but forgot since I don’t share my paintings here too often. 😀

      That picture was taken in April they’re all leafed out here now, but yes, it’s a good excuse to go!

    1. It’s already gone on the northern part of the lower mountains in the Carson Range, and gone too from the Pinenut Mountains, but there’s still some in the high country, but it’s melting fast with our recent spat of hawt temps! I’m going to miss that snow capped view.

  7. This and that is a great catch all. Beautiful nature photos are lovely to look at but sometimes it’s nice to see images of the day-to-day. Like you, I’ve been playing with my watercolors lately. I’m not sure I’d ever call myself an artist but it’s a fun, relaxing way to spend a few hours.

      1. I don’t really “paint,” I’ve just been playing around with paint (if there is a difference 🙂 ). I think, with extra time on our hands, many of us are exploring new areas of interest. If I come up with a result I’m happy with, maybe I’ll share it at some point.

        1. Oh, you’re having fun doing what is sometimes referred to as splashing paint around on the paper! I bet you’ve created some neat paintings! I hope you like something well enough to share! I’d love to see what you’ve been painting.

  8. Lovely drawing, Deborah, well done! I enjoyed your variety, we all need to ‘spread our wings’ and capture other subjects that catch our eye to keep us fresh and on our toes with practice! That is me, through and through!! 😉

  9. It’s fun to see what you’ve been up to . 🙂 The avocet in particular springs to life. Well done!

  10. I like your this and that. I’m in awe of your view of fruitless olive trees and your bird paintings are delightful. Thanks for sharing a bit of light here.

    1. Thank you so much.Ally! The view out back is why we bought this house 😄. The house is good too.
      I saw the first golfer already this morning. It’s going be hawt today so I suppose he’s trying to beat the heat with his early game. 😄

  11. I too love this ‘this and that’ category. I think we all have some version of this in our writing and photography.

    I see that, like me, you are using your photographs as inspiration to paint. I’ve been doing a LOT of that over the past 3 months … some I like, some I put in the category of ‘learning’, all of it an amazing experience for someone who thought they could never learn to paint 😀

    1. Thank you, Joanne!!

      You can paint!! I like using my own images and imagination when I can. Sometimes I am brain dead though.😄 I will always be in learning mode I don’t feel confident or that I know what I am doing with drawing and painting.

      1. Like you, I will ALWAYS be in learning mode!

        Someone made an excellent point recently when they commented that even the Masters wouldn’t have liked everything they painted. If we’re constantly experimenting and trying something different, we are bound to ‘make mistakes’, and have ‘failures’. I could stick with painting things that are comfortable for me, but I wouldn’t be learning. It’s the hard challenging stuff that I get the most satisfaction from … even though it’s rarely ‘wall-worthy’.

  12. I live the images in this category. It try rounds out our image of you. I always like it when you share your artwork. And, that biting walk? I should be so lucky.

    Take care, Deborah.

    1. Thank you so much, Dan! That hike can be boring. It’s a walk through sagebrush, and the trail is single track sand. It gets interesting when mountain bikers coming zipping around blind corners sometimes, and there’s sometimes very little room for a hiker to get off the trail. Those times it’s not boring, or when I stop to enjoy the view, but if I’m just watching where I put my feet and what’s ahead…it’s all sand and sagebrush.

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