Whatever Weds. Spring Flow

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While out hiking I’m enjoying the sound of rushing water as rushes down the canyons and mountains. The rivers, creeks, and streams are all flowing fast and loud.

Here’s a little stream I crossed recently while on a hike.

Stream in the Genoa Canyon

We went to see our Grandsons, Baby Girl, and The Handsome Surveyor for the holiday week-end. It was wonderful seeing them and hanging out on the lake.  Baby Girl wakeboarded, He-Man and I spent a lot of time with our Littlest and #1 Grandson, and I learned how to drive a waverunner. That was fun! I can’t wait to do that again.  I’m working up my nerve to try the knee board. 😀

The sunset Saturday night was gorgeous on the lake. Here’s an iPhone photo I took looking north from the front deck of their houseboat.

Sunset at the Lake

I got an invitation to try out the new editor before they make the change permanent so I clicked over and started writing this post. I didn’t like the font that came up when I started typing the title and couldn’t figure out how to change it. Where’s the font choices?

Then I started poking around to see if I could still schedule the post for a future date…couldn’t find that either! Not a good start wordpress!  Then I started hunting for the way to go back to the classic editor and thankfully I found that and went right back here!  Geez!  Right now I don’t think the new editor and I are going to get along if I can’t find what I use the most from the get-go! Sigh! 😔

Well, I hope you all had a lovely holiday week-end and your week is going well!

Nikon Df| Nikkor 35mm f/1.8 and iPhone 7Plus

more to come…


73 thoughts on “Whatever Weds. Spring Flow

  1. Gorgeous photos, Deborah. What a fun family trip. How cool to be on a houseboat! I feel the same way about the new editor. I can’t find anything either!!

  2. I love the sounds of flowing water. That stream is gorgeous. And those views from the houseboat…breathtaking. We are hoping to get out on the lake soon. The recent floods filled it with debris so we are waiting a bit. We always eye renting a houseboat but have never taken the plunge.

    I’ve been using the Gutenberg editor for quite a while. I don’t know if that’s the new editor coming. It is blocks, but it does look like they are making some changes to make it similar to Elementor when it comes to layout (Elementor is what I used to design my about page). There are things I like about blocks and things that I don’t. I have no problem scheduling my posts so I hope that isn’t an issue in the forthcoming version!

    I hope all has been well with you, Deborah! xx

    1. Thank you so much, Amy! I worry about logs and stuff on the lake where my daughter and her family go wake boarding and skiing. Last year there were more, this year it’s pretty clear thankfully. I hope you get out there soon! I image your kids water ski, wakeboard, and sup board since they surf.

      Yes, it’s the block editor. Where do you find the scheduler? I hope they tweak it to make easier than they think it is.

      All is well here so far. I hope it is there for you too! xx

      1. My oldest has done some wakeboarding. My daughter likes to tube mostly.

        When I click to write a new post and the blank page comes up, there is section on the right that says “document” and “block”. The scheduler is in the “document” section under “status and visibility”, the “publish” section is automatically set to “immediately” but if you click on it, you can schedule. Sometimes, once you’ve already started or written your post, you are in the “block” section of those two headers and just need to click on the “document” one to find it. I hope I’ve explained it well and haven’t led to more confusion. I can take screenshots if this wasn’t helpful.

        Things are pretty good here! 🙂

        1. Oh, thank you for telling me where to look for it. I looked and looked and clicked all the boxes and drop down menus and never found it, but I didn’t click on Publish Immediately! I didn’t want to publish anything I was just fooling around checking it out.

          I liked riding the giant floating tube hot dog, and they bought another chair like one at the end of the season last year that holds three adults. I want to ride that with #1 Grandson. He loves it.

          I’m glad to hear things are good there! 😀

    1. So very true, Steve. In German, we have the word “verschlimmbessern”, a composite of “verschlimmern” [“to make worse”] and “verbessern” [“to make better”]. My final word on th enew editor is still out, but I’m not convinced it is really an improvement for me and my needs/purposes.

      1. I was curious to see how an online translator would deal with verschlimmerbessern; it gave disimprove, which seems reasonable. You may be surprised, because the semantics have diverged so much, that the English cognate of schlimm is slim.

        1. Thanks for looking that up, Steve. “Disimprove” is really what the German word means, isn’t it? And thanks for the info of “slim” and “schlimm” being related. I didn’t know that. But I’ve never been surprised of divergent meanings of the same root of a verb, e.g. “knight” and “Knecht” [“serf”]. Or take “queen” [a royal] and “quean” [a disresputable woman].

            1. I’ve always been fascinated with those, ever since I took “historical linguistics” at university.

  3. I’ve heard nothing good about this new editor. I am so tired right now of dealing with changes that I can’t bring myself to go look at it. If I’m never heard from again, you’ll know why.

  4. Gorgeous water stream, Deborah! Can’t remember you ever told me your ‘”kids” lived on a house boat. Always wanted to try that. Maybe I have to start with a vacation on a houseboat… Am glad you recognized yourself on the top of the painting platform!

      1. Yes, somehow it does not look like you! It must be the difference in height in the photo. Also it may not be my own photo but Gordons. Do you miss your photography buddies? Or, have you found new ones in the palce you live now?

  5. The image of the falls is gorgeous! What a lovely spot. Sounds like you had fun on the lake. That is awesome. I’ve never tried a wave runner but I imagine it is fun.
    I agree about the new editor. My time here may be coming to an end if they force us to use it.

    1. Thank you, Melissa! I’m planning to stay with the Classic for as long as I can. Perhaps, the happiness engineers will make the new block editor idiot proof? And as I am a very talented idiot that’ll be a job.😄

  6. Staying on a house boat with that landscape and sunsets, not to mention the family, must be bliss.

    I’ve tried the “block editor” not easy 😱☹️🤔 My advise, allow plenty of time, double the amount of time you usually take for a post. And try to stay calm…..

    1. It’s really pretty and so relaxing on their houseboat. It was lovely seeing them it had been weeks since we saw them last in person.

      It’s going to take a lot tutorials and they bill this roll out as being easy and intuitive! Not to me it isn’t.😭

  7. Gorgeous photos and I’m envious of your real ‘holiday’ weekend. Way to go, lady!! Now, please tell me what to click on to go back to the classic before June 1 rolls around. I just don’t need another learning curve right now. 🙂

    1. Thank you so much, Judy. It was so nice to see the boys in person. It had been so long and way overdue. We’re all healthy and keeping our circles really limited so decided we would get together. Now were staying away from them for 15 days to make sure we’re all good. We did that for our birthdays and Mother’s Day and all was good.

      I found the way back in one of the drop down menus in the right hand panel at the bottom of the panel dialogue box. I don’t remember which one though. 😭 I was opening everything to try to find it and the scheduler. I hope you find it.

  8. Oh, that water looks SO good (says the woman in 107 degree weather.) 🙂 Lovely sunset as well. Are you talking about a third editor? There was classic and then block. Is there another one coming along? I’m just getting used to block, although I still find some frustrating things about it. Anyway, I hope your Wednesday is going swimmingly. 🙂


      1. No, although I’ve thought about changing to a theme that showed my photos to better advantage. But I’m always worried that something won’t work during or after the change.

        108 here at almost 6 pm and like this for some days to come.

        1. That’s my fear too!

          It’s supposed to be getting hotter for the next couple of days then maybe rain this week-end.
          Our temperature isn’t as high as yours is going to be. 93 degrees today. Are you finding it tolerable and grateful for dry heat and no humidity?

          1. I’m grateful that it’s dry heat, but I’d be happy if it were only in the 90’s. 🙂 Thank goodness for air conditioning. I open the windows in the morning whenever possible, but this morning I’ll close them by 8 because the temperatures will be shooting up then. Our rental house has ceiling fans in many rooms, which helps a lot as do the wide blinds. But at a certain point, it’s still hot.

            1. I can relate! At our old house we installed ceiling fans in all the rooms but the bathrooms for those hawt August weeks, but by 3 O’Clock in the afternoon there would be a sudden crushing heat that would slam down on the house. We tried adding attic fans, and boosting the insulation but they didn’t help the 3 O’Clock heat crush so we added A/C. That made all the difference.

              Our new house gets a little heat crush about 5PM we noticed last summer that is not as crushing as in the old house and the A/C isn’t running as long. We added two more ceiling fans to this house which help a lot.

            2. Because we’re on the east side of the time zone, the hottest part of the day falls from about 4-6 pm, right when my husband’s ready to take his bike ride. (The sunrise and sunset are also about half an hour earlier than California.). So that’s when the heat hits us. At least put living room is on the east side of the house. At our rental in Illinois, the living room, dining room, and master bedroom were all on the west side, so it was hot! The deck was too and we never used it as it was blistering in summer.

            3. Almost the only thing that would make this house better is a north-south aspect, but everything else is so nice that we don’t mind and there are overhangs over the back patio and the front porch. Our living room windows face east, so that’s good, and so do two of the windows in the master bedroom, which exacerbates my tendency to wake up early. 🙂 But there are worse problems to have and it makes the perfect time to walk in this hot climate.

  9. I’ve been trying the new editor, too – off and on – with mixed results. I had no problems with my fonts, but that may depend on the theme(s). But even so, I’d like to find if/how I can change the fonds. What I dislike about the new editor: all the different formatting/editing buttons are now in different spots. I have to switch around between different blocks to find them – if I can. One special problem for me: using the old editor I could format a paragraph as “indented” plus “list” plus a certain colour. In the new editor I can’t. At least I have not yet found out how. In the new editor it seems to be only one of the three options.
    Well, I’ll certainly try it out again but I’m happy that I still have the old one bookmarked, and I hope that WP will keep their promised to keep the old editor available.

    1. I read yesterday while poking around trying to figure out how it works that WP will support the classic editor until 2022 so there’s time to figure out the new one while keeping the classic going. 😀

  10. The photo of the sunset on the lake is amazing, Deborah. I’m never sure if it’s the water or the sun that makes it. I guess it’s the combination.

    I haven’t seen the edict on the new editor. I’ve used it several times, but I’ve always found my way back for a variety of reasons. If I have to go, I’ll go, but I’ll be among the people grumbling about it.

    1. Thank you, Dan! The sunset was lovely. We don’t get much color where I live so it’s pretty special when I do see it.

      I’ll watch some tutorials and hope that makes it have more sense to me. I’m not enthusiastic though.

        1. I read yesterday while poking around that WP will continue support of the classic editor until 2022 then you’re on your own. At least there’s time to figure it out while staying with the classic editor!

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