Friday’s Feathered Friends-Nesting

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I’ve been doing a lot of birding lately and I’ve come across some nesting birds.

The first one is a Great Horned Owl nesting in a broken branch of a big tree near the river.  I call her Sleepy Eyes.

Great Horned Owl Nesting

Not too far from her is a nesting goose. She too is nesting on a broken branch. I worry about her because I never see the mate nearby and I wonder if she’s eating? I sure hope so!  She’s usually tucked into the wood there so if you didn’t know to look you’d miss her. On this day she felt like sunning her face.

Goose Nesting

This next nest has been empty all winter and the other day while driving to my birding location I spotted the top of a head and pulled over to see who moved in.  A Hawk!

I don’t know what kind of a hawk, but guess a Red-tail since they’re most populous of the hawks here.

Hawk in the Nest

I’ll be keeping an eye on them hoping for chicks soon!

We’re supposed to hit 80 degrees on Saturday! I think Winter may have let go here.

I hope you’re all doing well, and have a nice week-end!


Fuji X-T3| Fujinon 100-400mm| SanDisk Digital Film| PS CC 21.1.1

more to come…

57 thoughts on “Friday’s Feathered Friends-Nesting

  1. What a great birding day! The goose does look a little on the pathetic side. We have been getting out once a week to bird and picked up 3 lifers a couple of weeks ago. The hawk head looks like a red shoulder hawk but could easily be a red tailed. It will be interesting to find out what you got there. 😊

  2. A warm 80F day would be rather shocking for us right about now. This morning is a balmy 48F … warmer than it’s been for several days. On the other hand, the longer it’s cool outside, the easier it is to stay home … not to mention the rain.

    The picture of the owl cracks me up. I thought my eyebrows needed some maintenance!! 🤣

    There is certainly a lot of life and activity going on right now in the animal world. From my kitchen window yesterday I spotted blue jays, cardinals, and gold finches before 4 mallard ducks crash landed into our swimming pool (it’s remarkable how ungraceful their take-off and landings can be!!) … and that’s not even counting the endless bickering going on between the squirrels. Ahhh – spring!

  3. Ahh…I’m patiently waiting for 80 degree days. But we’re getting close!! These are some amazing captures, Deborah. Last weekend my daughter brushed the goldendoodle and hadn’t cleaned up the fur up from the yard. We were sitting on the porch when I saw a few tufts floating and up and then suddenly a bird took off holding a giant wad of fur to pad her nest!! lol.

    1. It didn’t make it to 80, but a perfect 75! Today’s forecast is for sunny and 84! We’ll see.

      How wonderful that Goldendoodle’s hair/fur will be used as nesting material! That must have been so delightful to watch that bird and know its nest will be a little softer. 😀🕊

  4. Nice finds on all the nest! I have a hard time spotting nest but sometimes I catch one, just have to keep looking. It will be great watching for all the little ones 🙂🐤.

    1. Thank you so much, Donna! I’m excited to see if they all have babies! I was shown a Red-tail hawk nest yesterday with babies already, but I only the very tippy top of a head. I’ll keep checking on that one too.

    1. It didn’t hit 80, it was a perfect 75 until the wind picked up in the afternoon then it got chilly, but it was lovely for hiking and birding in the morning.

      All the snow is melting and going to melt fast at these temps. I’ll miss it when it gone.
      I hope you’re enjoying your weekend and have a project going!

  5. I love that owl shot just because there’s something about an owl. But the goose shot is good as well and it’s always fun to spot a hawk.

    We like Chick-fil-A, too, but I’m not sure where one is around here and I usually think of it on Sunday, when they’re closed (which I respect, but drat!) We’re very near a Jack-in-the-Box here. My brother told me that after the food poisoning episode many years ago, they started testing each batch of beef, so he and now I feel good about eating there. We’ve tried it a couple times since moving in. We also went to a local pizza place: ordered online, drove 15 minutes to get there, then sat in the parking lot for close to 15 minutes trying to get through on the phone as we were supposed to do to let them know we were there and have someone bring out our pizza. My husband finally went in and got it and while it was good, the experience was so frustrating and aggravating that we won’t go back until this is over.

    Have a great weekend!


    1. I would be frustrated with that experience too. I’ve only had Chick-fill-A once. I didn’t like their fries, but the sandwich was okay. It’s a 35 mile drive from my house so, I won’t be visiting there very often.

      We’ve been ordering online and getting curbside pick-up at our favorite restos here. We tried to get Chinese last night but both the restaurants we like are closed until the end of the month…I hope they go to take out/curbside pick up then or maybe we’ll be back to normal and they’ll open by then.

      1. I wonder how many restaurants and other small businesses will go out of business because of the closures. Have to figure out how to safely open but restaurants depend on being packed to make money, so that could be rather difficult.

        1. The paper interviewed several restaurants that are doing take-out and delivery only and they all said their business is down 50-70%. Not enough people ordering take out. I hope most are able to come back!

  6. Great shots, Deborah. The goose’s mate is not far off I’m sure. He may have even gone to Chick-a-filet. The drive through waits are murder. The fly-through lines even longer.

      1. I’ve only had Chick-a-filet once! I get in a rut and just keep going to my favorite places and forget to try other things. Now, it’s a 35 mile drive to one so unless I’m passing it and hangry it ain’t happening. 😀

  7. Spotting birds and their nests is really exciting, especially these big ones. Look how they camouflage in their surrounding. Please keep us posted on any chicks. 🙂

    1. Thank you so much, Ally, and I’m sorry! I have the free site, and have been on the fence about upgrading to get rid of the ads. Usually it’s just one ad at the bottom of the post and most people ignore it, but if it’s going to get worse then I may have to bite the bullet and spend the money and upgrade.

      I’ve gone at different times of the day hoping to see the Owl out of the nest or more awake, but no joy yet! Owlets would be awesome!

      1. I don’t mind the ads, but it surprised me. I’ve never noticed one before, and then there were 3! I upgraded a few years ago and like how much more spam the system catches. And I get more hits from Google searches, but overall it’s about the same. FWIW.

        1. Maybe they give you a break with no ads then BOOM! you get three at once? Hopefully, you won’t see any next week and if so maybe just one!

          Thanks for letting me know your experience with the upgrade!

  8. Birding seems like s very satisfying pastime right now. These are great shots, Deborah. I’d worry about that goose, also. Looks like we’re headed into the upper 70’s in the later part of next week.

  9. 80 degrees sounds pretty good right now as I huddle under a blanket next to my little heater! I think we’re looking at 40’s for the foreseeable future. 😦
    The owl picture is very beautiful! Good spotting to see all these nests. I’m amazed by the goose. Here the canada geese just plop down anywhere, like in the middle of parking lots, to lay their eggs.

    1. I can relate to being under a blanket! In the house it’s chilly so I’m bundled up.

      I am amazed she didn’t pick a place on the river bank closer to grass and stuff to stick her neck out and nibble on. The geese are the marshes are nesting on top of the reeds and I see their mates sticking close by. I haven’t ever seen this goose’s mate! I haven’t spotted the Owls mate either and surely both should be nearby!

      1. I hope so. I’ve been seeing geese nesting on top of muskrat mounds in the marshes too, as I drive by. Hopefully they will reopen our state parks again soon and I can get outside for a walk. My joints are rusting in place!

        1. I was surprised to find a State park open and collecting the fee here on Saturday. I happily paid the fee and went searching for birds. None to be had as my friend and I scared them away as we walked on the beach, but it was lovely walking on the beach of the lake. It has sand!! I’m still amazed at the amount of sand here. It’s everywhere!

          I hope they open the parks soon. Sunshine, and fresh air are wonderful for the body and spirit! If not I guess I’ll need to get an oil can for you. 😀🥰

  10. The goose looks sad. I hope her situation is better than we imagine. I love sleepy owl. 80° ? Wow. We will see 64° tomorrow but then a week of 40s, 50s and rain.

    Take care, Deborah. I hope you have a great weekend and can recognize it when it arrived 😏

    1. She does look sad. I hope the chicks hatch soon so she can get back to the water!

      It was freezing and raining last week and now we’re having a warm spell. He-Man set up and cleaned the grill so we’re ready for warm weather grillin.

      You take car too, and have a lovely week-end!

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