Friday’s Feathered Friends-MT. Chickadee

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Two more images from my time with the Chickadees.

Mountain Chickadee

Look at this one taking two seeds at a time! I love it! I didn’t realize it had taken two until I uploaded my images.  Moutain Chickadee

I didn’t crop it in too much so you can see the environment we snowshoed into to see and feed these birds.  It was pretty cool being out here almost alone for a good bit. As the morning wore on though more and more snowshoers started coming up the mountain. We spent an hour and a half feeding the Chickadees then headed down to venture to other places to see what we could find. I’ll share those finds in future posts.

I hope you all have a good week-end!

Fuji X-T3| Fujinon XF 100-400mm  LM OIS| PS CC 21.0.3

more to come…




32 thoughts on “Friday’s Feathered Friends-MT. Chickadee

    1. It was wonderful. I’m going back up there today hoping they’re still there, but the snow is melting fast around here so they may have moved on. Fingers crossed I see and feed them again today.

  1. What an amazing experience that must have been, and, of course, the photos are wonderful. I don’t believe I’ve ever had a bird get that close except for seagulls who are always looking to steal a little snack.

  2. Breathtaking photos, Deborah! You transport me to an idyllic, tranquil place. We spent a couple of days snowshoeing at Mt. Baker a few years ago. Sooo quiet and beautiful!

  3. Beautiful photos. Yours is the second photo of a chickadee I’ve seen this week. I feel like it’s kismet, but couldn’t tell you what it means.

    1. Perhaps, cheerfulness? They do make one happy because they’re so cheery.

      Thank you so much, Ally!

      I have to get back to your post about the negative friend…it was just too early for me to think of a response when I read it this morning while sipping my first cuppa. 😀

  4. Aww, there is something about chickadees, isn’t there? I love the one in the tree. Beautiful shot.

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