Friday most Fowl- Harrier Hawk

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Last week I was gazing out my back door when all of a sudden a pair of Harrier Hawks cruised by hunting right out my backyard! I only had my little bridge camera nearby so opened the door and started firing frames.

Here are two images:  By the time I got my camera one of them was flying out further in the field and I kept saying, ” come back, come back!”, the other one had flown way off to the west.Harrier Hawk in Flight

It did come back and this is the best image I got of it.

Harrier Hawk Male

I think this is a Male Harrier. Its mate, she didn’t stay nearby so I didn’t get an image of her.  I didn’t have it set up in burst mode and this camera can’t track very well so I’m disappointed in the shots I did get. Actually, I’ve been feeling that way often recently as I go through my images looking for something good to post and share. In any case, I was so excited to see the pair right outside my backyard!

It’s been snowing here.  I don’t know the official “inch” total, but it’s beautiful.

He-Man and I bundled up one day and walked the mile to the mailbox between breaks in the weather and here’s the view of Job’s Peak from the street by the mailboxes.

Snowy Day in the Neighborhood

It’s been foggy and you can’t see the mountains right now, but Hopefully, that changes soon and I get out to photograph some snowy scenes.

I hope you all have a wonderful week-end! I hope to get the tree decorated. I feel so behind!

Lumix Fz200| Lexar Digital Film| PS CC 21.0.1

more to come…




56 thoughts on “Friday most Fowl- Harrier Hawk

      1. That’s what I thought, but I didn’t want to put a damper on your joy! 😀 Personally I can’t stand the stuff anymore although it is pretty to paint.

          1. Haha, yeah, that was about how long it took me to get good and sick of it. I hope it doesn’t wear thin on you, though. I know there are some who continue to love it.

  1. Deborah, A catchy title! Even though you had to act quickly, great photos! Your last photo makes me take in a deep breath. I love the open space and I can “almost” smell the fresh air. 🙂

  2. I’m so glad he listened and came back! What gorgeous shots, Deborah! And I love that snowy scene. Stunning mountains and the jet black road…just beautiful. We’ve not had snow yet this season. There’s a rumor of some this coming Friday, but I’m not getting my hopes up.

      1. I had The Mister scroll your IG today, and he said Hideous! Wretched! Horrible! Poor thing has to look at the mountains! LOL It’s such a lovely spot, Deborah 🙂

  3. The snowy scenes look so peaceful! And what a shot of that hawk!! 😃 Your photos always dazzle me, Deborah! ❤️ I have yet to get the house decorated with Christmas. Think I will go simple this year. 🎄

  4. Wow! I love seeing a hawk fly overhead. We have red tailed hawks and every so often they come close. You photos are outstanding, Deborah. I suppose a good photographer (like you) is harder on herself than anyone else. Few can do what you do, and it gives the rest of us great pleasure to witness your work. So, smile, relax, and decorate that tree. 🙂

  5. I love hawks and I think all things considered, your photos turned out wonderfully. And that view!! Makes me yearn for the mountains and for some snow. 🙂 Hopefully I’ll see this view one of these days.


      1. It’s really too early to seriously start since our lease isn’t up until the end of April. I look at all the listings the realtors send but mid-March or so will be the time to get serious.

          1. But we’re just renting so besides the fact that rentals go quickly, it’s not as urgent to find the perfect place. It will be when we get our next and hopefully forever house.

    1. Bonjour Cher Robert! Thank you so much!!
      If only I had my Nikon D810 by the door. I would have been so much happier. It was hooked up to my computer at the time, so I grabbed the camera I had at hand my LUMIX fz200. It’s better than my iPhone but not up to my Nikon’s standards.

      I owe you a letter. I will get on that! I hope this finds you well and busy!! I hope you have exciting bird sightings to share.


      1. I’m just recovering from hip replacement surgery. My recovery is excellent and I’m walking normally already.

        I’ll be participating in the Christmas Bird Count on the 15th. I’m actually feeling wonderful these days and have decided recently that my life will be governed by gratitude and grit. I like the alliteration. To me grit stands for persistence and perseverance.

        I’m still looking for that”special companion.” Here’s some of my criteria: It would help if she loved photography, birding, hiking (and all types of non-mechanized outdoor recreation), travel to exotic (wild) places, progressive ideas and politics, dogs, public lands, public radio, wildflowers, wildlife, organic foods, chocolate, music from the 60s and early 70s, Henry David Thoreau, John Muir, Atticus Finch, Robert Frost, Walt Whitman, Mary Oliver, Ed Abbey, Vincent Van Gogh, Andrew Wyeth, Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo and Mother Nature and NOT like: war, harm to animals, avalanches, being trapped in a canyon during a flash flood, mosquitoes, black flies, the Kansas City Chiefs, Oakland Raiders, Dallas Cowboys or Donald Trump!!!

        I look forward to your letter. Xx

        1. That’s a good list for you! She’s out there and you’ll find her.

          I’m so glad your hip is doing so well and you’re out and about! I haven’t seen anything come through the birding group here about the bird count. I don’t see reports about the bird count here at all. Perhaps they don’t email that info out?

          I’ll write you soon!

  6. I enjoyed the hawk photos. We used to love the calls of the hawks when we lived in California. Looking forward to some mountain snow shots. You have the best mailbox view on the planet.

    1. Oh, I have been drooling and wanting to pull the trigger on the buy button for a Z6! That one would suit me better I believe. I have it in my plan for next year.

      Thank you so much Gordon! I had my FF camera in my retreat hooked up to my computer downloading images so only had my bridge camera by the back door. Murphy’s Law right?

      How are you? Been to see and photograph the Sandhill Cranes? I miss that trip!

    1. Thank you so much, Dan! I don’t think I will ever get bored with this view. That bridge camera ! I had such high hopes for it, but find myself disappointed with it a lot. I just love my Dslr’s they rarely let me down. It’s so cool having the valley right behind our house. The possibilities for seeing wildlife are greater.

      1. I understand about the cameras that always deliver. I have tools like that. I turn to them when what I am doing matters most. I look forward to pictures for years to come.

  7. Making an in focus picture of a moving bird always is a skill I admire, no matter what. I don’t know anything about birds but this seems a really pretty one! You are living in a wondrously beautiful stretch of land Deborah. No snow over here, fog we got and rain. But the christmas tree seller has opened his boot again, so soon we will have ‘nature’ back in our home. 🙂 Have a great weekend!

    1. Thank you so much Peter! The last few days we’ve had fog so thick I can’t see the mountains or field. I hope it clears out this weekend like it is forecasted to do.

      How exciting you’re getting your tree! He-Man brought ours in last night night and we set it up. I am fluffying it out and will decorate it over several days. I haven’t had a live tree since Baby Girl was four. She’s asthmatic and allergic to Christmas trees! Unfortunately they set off both her ailments. I got used to them after so many years and my prelit tree is quite lovely.

      Do you decorate yours top to bottom?

      1. We usually get a rather small one Deborah. Our living room isn’t that big. But yes, from top to bottom, with ‘old fashioned’ bigger electric lights (not the teeny led-ones). Although I still like the real candles we used to have when I was a child, they aren’t really convenient, so a compromise has to be found. He’ll be up soon! 🙂 Enjoy yours!

    1. Thank you so much, Donna! LOL! Yes, we do both have hawks on our minds today! I just said that to you over on your post. 😀

      I’m looking forward to more of your gorgeous sunrises, sunsets, and birds!

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