Whatever Weds. Happy Thanksgiving!

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Tom Turkey

I’ve had #1 Grandson here with us since Saturday. He’s on a Fall or Thanksgiving Break from school this week. He’s so excited waiting for the storm which is supposed to bring 6 inches of snow to our neighborhood. It’s stalled somewhere and isn’t here yet. He really, really wants to make a snowman.

Baby Girl and the Handsome Surveyor and our littlest will be with us for Thanksgiving and I can’t wait to see them and hold our Littlest.

I’m finally over or nearly over a miserable cold so I am feeling very grateful for my health at the moment, and for my family, friends, and the friends I’ve made here.

About the image of Tom Turkey. This is to date the biggest Turkey I have ever seen in the wild! It was huge!! It was taken in Amador County, CA while on the back from a Spring wildflower excursion. No luck with wildflowers that year, but he was a welcome sighting and made up for the lack of flowers.

I  wish all my friends here in the blogosphere that are in the USA a very Happy Thanksgiving!

I wish the rest of you a wonderful week and week-end where ever you are!

Nikon D90| Nikkor 70-300mm| SanDisk Digital Film| PS CC 21.0.1

more to come…



43 thoughts on “Whatever Weds. Happy Thanksgiving!

  1. Deborah, By now your Thanksgiving has come and gone. Not sure about the fate of this huge, wild Turkey. I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving, enjoying the special time with family and holding the “Littlest.”🙂

  2. What a handsome photo of this magnificent bird! He’s really something, isn’t he?
    We’ve had wild turkeys return to our area and it turns out, they are quite aggressive. They stand at intersections and challenge the cars! We snicker about attack turkeys, and give them some berth…

    1. Oh my gosh! I didn’t realize they were that territorial. A friend was just telling me about a Wild Turkey a male that was agressive. The story was close to Thanksgiving a police officer in Livermore CA pulled over a guy for speeding and while he was talking to guy out came this huge Tom Turkey from somewhere and started harrassing and chasing the cop around his motorcycle and the guy’s car whom he had pulled over. The cop let the guy go, and the video from his body camera went viral. I looked it up after she told me about it.

      Here’s the link.

      The turkey saved the guy from getting a ticket! Pretty wild right? I wonder if the Tom thought the motorcycle was a rival for territory? 😀

  3. I’m glad you’re feeling better! I see turkeys wandering alongside the woods in these parts. But I don’t think I’ve ever noticed all the details that you’ve managed to capture in this shot. I hope that you and your family had a wonderful Thanksgiving!!

  4. Oh I hope he gets to build a snowman! You must share snowman pics with us!
    I haven’t seen turkey in person in many years. We have a park here called Turkey Run — and that is literally where I remember seeing turkeys. I was small then, and thought they were ENORMOUS, in my head like between a goose and an emu LOL!
    Happy Thanksgiving!

    1. Thanks, Gordon! I hope and the Mrs. have a lovely day!

      It is fun to see them in the wild. Today there was a pair of Harriers hunting right in my backyard! Unfortunately I only had my little Lumix fz200 handy and it doesn’t track well, so I am not counting on any good images of the few I took.

      I hope they come back! Now, I have my good camera ready!

      Happy Thanksgiving!

    1. Thank you so much, Judy! #1 was the happiest boy in the world today. He sledded and made a snowman with Poppa! We’re all looking forward to tomorrow and seeing his mom, brother, his step-sisters, and the Handsome Surveyor of course.

      I hope you have a lovely day too! xx

  5. What a big, fat turkey!! 😳 I’m enjoying your “snow” photos on IG. ☃️ Glad to hear you are feeling better, Deborah so you can enjoy time with your family! ❤️ Happy Thanksgiving! 😘xo

  6. That Tom must have been an escapee from a farm; I’ve never seen a wild turkey that fat! Or maybe he’s a celebrity model turkey, trying to live out of the limelight. He’s gorgeous!!

    Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours, and safe travels to all.

  7. That really is a handsome turkey, Deborah. I was quite surprised when you said it is wild. It sounds like a lovely holiday at your place. Although I’m glad to only get rain from that maxi storm. Happy Thanksgiving. Hugs on turkey wings! (No offense Tom.)

    1. Thank you so much, Dan! He was HUGE! A man came out of his house and said that he comes by every afternoon…the turkey. That was back in 2011. I sure hope old Tom is still struting his stuff around that countryside.

      Happy Thanksgiving to you and the family, Dan! I hope you have a lovely day too.

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