Whatever Weds. Carson Valley Fall Morning

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This image is one I made last week. It was a gorgeous morning so, my next-door neighbor and I headed out to look for Fall colors earlier than planned. The morning did not disappoint.

Fall Morning Carson Valley 2019

This is my favorite image from the morning. I had it printed. It’s now hanging in my living room.  Do you print any of your images? If not, why not?

Nikon D810| Nikkor 24-120mm| Lexar Digital Film| PS CC 20.06

more to come…

86 thoughts on “Whatever Weds. Carson Valley Fall Morning

  1. This is wonderful, the image itself and the fact that it’s in your living room. 🙂 I only print them sometimes for presents. But I’m no photographer as such… I still take my photos and not make them. 😉 (I’ve noticed that you consistently write ‘make images’ instead of take them.)

  2. Really lovely. Breathtaking. Few of my photos come out like yours, and honestly, I print even fewer, but I do, I do print them and hang them, a couple even made it to frames.

    1. Thank you so much, Melissa! I imagine your house filled with your beautiful paintings.

      The little swallowtail butterfly painting I bought of yours isn’t hanging on a wall here in the new house. It’s right on my desk shelf where I see it all the time. I love it.

    1. Thank you so much, Robert! I don’t know why either? Yours would make really neat posters, and prints. I hope you print one to see how it comes out. With all the colors metallic paper or metal prints would work well on your art I think.

  3. Excellent picture Debra, not much to add that others already haven’t. Hopefully the colors will still be around in a couple of weeks. I’m going camping/shooting/fishing on Veterans Day Weekend. Btw that image looks like a candidate for metallic.

    1. LOL! I thought of you and Gordon when I selected my paper. I still haven’t tried metal. I just like paper, although the metal print Gordon sent me for a housewarming gift is really nice.

      Colors are hanging on in places. I hope you find some colors on your camping|shooting|fishing weekend. Oh, and some fish! 😀

  4. Absolutely stunning, Deborah!! I imagine that it looks beautiful in your living room. I’ve printed a few of my photos and would like to print more. I just never seem to get around to doing it.

    1. Thank you so much, Amy! I should hang more, or so He-Man says, but most that I’ve printed up don’t fit my decor style. I have been printing anywhere from 1-5 images a year for awhile. Usually just my very favorites. I have quite a collection stacking up, but it’s so satisfying seeing your work in print isn’t it.

      I hope you do print more your images are lovely.

      1. True confessions. I had it in my knapsack and I talked about it with my husband. We were constantly in motion even when taking photos of the sunsets at Long Beach. I am not sure whether you had a chance to see the previous camping post. I did think about you often, Deborah and your advice. Your photos have been exceptionally breathtaking!

        1. You took it with you, that’s a start! 😀

          I haven’t had the pleasure of reading it yet. With family visits, hunting and photographing fall color, and catching up at home I’m behind reading blogs. I’m slowly beginning to catch up, but I’ll head over now and see what happened in your camping post.

          Thank you so much, Erica, you’re too kind and generous with your praise!

    1. Thank you, Brian! Your butterfly images are top notch! I’m considering entering a photo or in an annual show by our local Artist Assoc. I missed it this year, but next year…I’m seriously considering it.

      I’m not very competitive so wouldn’t do those type of things, but I’m sure you did great!

      The wife of a friend has some of your butterfly images in her cottage? That’s the ultimate compliment right there!

      1. I did win first prize in the second competition I entered which was a nice surprise.
        My wife’s friend picked a couple of shots of local scenes, I tried to push the butterflies but she wanted Norfolk countryside still as you say a nice compliment.

  5. This is a wonderful picture Deborah. The colour, the calmness and above all the composition. This is definitely print worthy. I don’t print my pictures, except for the odd holiday book, because I’m not sure enough about the quality of them. But I’m planning to make a small selection to be printed in colour and monochrome. One should plunge into the deep one day 🙂

    1. I need to take you up on that plunging into the deep one day advice. A friend and I have been saying we’re going to each print up books with our work, but I’m so intimidated by the software and work to get it done that I have done nothing but put a few images in a folder for a “someday” going to do a book folder. We have a small bet on who will actually get it done first. I bet on him.

      Your monochrome work especially around your country, and travels would make wonderful prints. I would even go so far as to say you should print, frame some and get them hung in a cafe, or gallery and sell them.

      Thank you so much, Peter!

  6. Oh, that’s beautiful Deborah. I have printed a bunch of my photos, for my office at work. Now I have to pack them up and take them home. I think I’ll change things around a little and maybe print some different ones.

    1. Thank you so much, Dan! I’m thinking I’ll print up or switch around that print by season by in my Living Room. Since we moved in until the other day I had my photo of the Moulton Barn in WY hanging above my mantle. Changing it up each season could be good. I have one other photo of mine hanging above my piano, perhaps that too could be switched up now and again.

      I’m glad you’re printing some of your images. It’s neat and satisfying to see your work in print isn’t it? With the digital age and seeing your work on screen/monitor so quickly one almost forgets how neat it is to see your work in print or hanging on a wall.

      1. That’s an interesting idea, to switch them around with the seasons. I’m also thinking about putting some in places where we have nothing (not too many of those places left).

  7. Gorgeous, and if I could take a photo like you do, I’d frame it also. 🙂 I actually had five photos printed on canvas from SC last year. Three were 5×7 and two were 8×10. It’s pretty cool that you moved and found a friend in the neighborhood who enjoys hiking and photography. 🙂

    1. Thank you so much, Judy! I was thinking, ” What is she talking about? She had so many gorgeous images from her time in SC last year that she could print!” I am happy to hear that you printed up some!

      Oh, my gosh, how fantastic it is to have my next door neighbor be into photography and like to photograph some of the very same things I like to photograph! She could have just as easily been a people photographer which isn’t me at. all! 😃

    1. Thank you, Gordon! Yes, you do have to find it. Sometimes it’s harder than it I want it to be.

      Dan, commented that this image would be a good candidate for metallic! You two are so alike on that medium. 😂 I will try it…one day. I will. Perhaps, that little hallway where I’ve hung your gift to me should all be metal prints? At least it would look put together and planned if so.

    2. Funny thing is, I have yet to print an enlargement metal print of my photos in my own home. Maybe I Will print something from our recent trip to Wyoming and Yellowstone; I took a hi res shot with my new camera at Oxbow Bend that might qualify; it’s posted on my Flickr.

        1. Decided (photography) life was passing me by so rather than keep waiting for that rumored “Mark 3” camera to be released I bought a refurbished E-M1 Mark 2 with recent firmware update and it’s great! Shot the Blue Angels the other weekend and the continuous auto focus now works great so I have a greater chance of getting bif for birding activities.

          1. Oh, how exciting! Plus 2x’s crop sensor! I’m so glad you like it and didn’t wait for life to pass you by and get what you wanted now!

            I’m thinking about upgrading my D810 now b/c Nikon is having a sale. It’s tempting!

            1. Life is short; now that you’re in your new home, “go for it”!

              I used my old long zoom In Wyoming and wish I could have taken my newer prime which is a bit bigger but still compact compared to your long lens. Got some wildlife but some shots had a softer focus than desired but still got something! Maybe a return trip might be required and I would like to do that!

    1. Thank you so much, Janis! I’m so glad to hear you print your images from time to time.

      We had a chilly spell for a couple of weeks, but it’s warmed up again this week, but will be getting cold again by the week-end. It will require more layers when going out in the mornings. I had 4 layers on when I made this image. It was chilly!

  8. So far, I have had three of my photographs printed. I intend to have more. I also like to print and send my own picture postcards.

    1. I’m so glad you’re printing your work, Pit! It’s satisfying to see it isn’t it?

      I’ve not made cards, books, or postcards with my photographs, but have thought of making a couple of books. I’m just not motivated to tackle the work or software to do it.

      1. It’s really satisfying.I’ve been toying with the idea of doing a photo book of some of our trips, but so far haven’t found the time yet. I’ve also been toying with the idea to turn the blog entries of our trips into e-books, but that would be an even more time-consuming task. And I can’t even keep up with blogging. My day needs 48 hours – at least. 😀

      1. Yes, you do, and so beautifully! I have painted a few of my birds and a couple of my landscapes. I hope to do more of that as I gain skill and confidence with watercolor.
        Someday, I want to mat and frame the birds I’ve painted. Someday.

    1. Thank you so much, Susan! I’m wondering how to paint the sky like the one in my image above? I’ll have to play around and see if I can do something close. I haven’t spent much time doing sky and rock studies learning how to do them. I’m way overdue!

  9. Great photo, Deborah. What kind of paper did you use for the print and how big is it? No, I don’t print any of my photos. I don’t have a quality camera which having same would make printing worthwhile.

    1. Thank you, John! I had it printed on Giclee Fine Art paper that looks like a linen finish and has marvelous color, and details. It’s not too big just 11 x 14 inches to fit the frame I already have.

      You’d be surprised at how good a well taken photograph comes out in print. If you have 12 mega pixels or less just don’t print anything over 8 x 10 inches. You might want to try it on one of your favorite images.

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