Whatever Weds. Spring in Stanislaus Co.

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I’m waist deep into packing paper, boxes, and all my stuff.

I spent almost my entire adult life amassing stuff, and now I just want to get rid of most of it! I’m not really into the Komari (sp) thing, but I’m all for me having less stuff to worry about and pack! But, I have this nagging feeling I’m getting rid of things I’ll regret, and keeping things I should let go! It’s agony!

I spent the morning packing up most of the kitchen and getting our homeowners, and car insurance set up for NV. Next up will be getting our mail set up over there, and the list goes on and on, but we’re making progress. Fifteen days and the movers come to get all our stuff and really it’s mostly my stuff and take it to the new house! Well, they’ll be there the next day so, we will be sleeping on the air mattress, and have the stuff we’ve already taken over to get us through a few days should it snow or something and the truck can’t get over.  Winter is hanging on. The major Interstate they’ll probably take over the mountains has closed a few times recently because there have been two. Two avalanches in the last two weeks on that Interstate.

This is how I remember winters being when I was a girl and a young adult. I’ve always felt the weather is cyclical and has a pattern here in CA. Really good skiing winters, followed by long dry, thirsty spells. We’re in the great skiing season now, but my head is saying, Drought is coming prepare! I’m saying that with the Game of Thrones tone of Winter is Coming. 😃 I’m staying in the west so drought is probably going to be in my planning for the rest of my life.

Ah, but I digress. Since I’ve been preoccupied with the packing and moving and feeling the need to share some images and stay connected to you cause I’ve missed you I dug into my earlier images from just about a month ago when Big Baby Boy and I took a ride out to Knight’s Ferry.

The hills are still this green.

Early Spring on the Stanislaus River

and the Lupine was just beginning to bloom.  I had the wrong lens for this shot, but I like the way you can see the environment that these were blooming in. These Lupine were huge bushes. I bet they’re gorgeous now.

Spring Lupine Stanislaus County

We’re reflecting a lot about all the things we’ve experienced while living in this house 37 years. Big Baby Boy came home for 5 days to help us move some stuff over to the new house, and say Good-bye to the house he’s always called home. We treasure the memories here but we’re taking them with us. We are looking forward to new beginnings, new memories to be made, and to blooming in our new home.

Happy Wednesday!

Nikon D810| Nikkor 20mm f/1.8G| Hoodman Digital Film| CS PP 2019

more to come…



36 thoughts on “Whatever Weds. Spring in Stanislaus Co.

  1. Good luck with your move!!! We moved from the East Coast to SW Colorado about 3.5 years ago and it was one of the best things we’ve ever done. Why not experience something different in our lifetimes I thought. Love your location in these images and envy the green … we are seeing just a bit.

    1. Oh, I like your thought about experiencing something different in your lifetimes! That will be us.
      Of course I have lived in the desert before when I was a little wee girl so I hope I can adapt to the dryer, hotter, and colder in the winter climate sans problemes.

      Thank you so much for the lovely comment on my images Denise! I just love all the green this time of year.

  2. I love the first shot. Hey you should try moving from a house into an RV, then you really have to get rib of stuff, LOL. Good luck on your move, I hope all go well and you love your new home.

  3. Well that’s just beautiful, the first shot is so fresh and cool, it took my breath away!
    We downsized when we moved here, and we had to re-downsize after we moved in and it was challenging, but so worth it! We do have quite a bit of shelving in the garage, which makes it more functional for storage, but we have so much less stuff and we live more simply and it’s been wonderful. Perhaps we were bungalow people all along, but we had a big family.

  4. I love these photos, Deborah. They have a feeling of peace about them. I hope that as hard as it is to cull that you find moments of peace in the process. I’ve not lived in a house for 37 years, but I have packed up 4 of them on my own. I want to say the first was the hardest because we had picked the land, had the house built, moved in while I was pregnant with our first, groomed the grounds, and even went through partial remodels during our ten years there. I thought we’d live there forever. I’m hoping that when we downsize from this house I will be able to purge a lot. I hope the movers get your stuff to your home without any trouble and that you get settled in easily! 🙂

  5. Just wonderful, Deborah. You are embracing change, and being practical about ‘keep or toss’. Yes, that’s the hard one. Here’s hoping the weather cooperates and Old Man Winter stays away. Gorgeous photos. Fingers crossed for a smooth move.

  6. I feel for you and the woes of ridding one’s home of things. We retired early and knew we had to downsize. What our kids wouldn’t take (gosh, we tried to give them everything lol), we donated. Hubby told me if I found I needed something I let go, I could go buy new! That sure made it easier LOL. I could not let go of any memorable or special items, so there are many, many boxes still in storage. But I will say, it felt great to get rid of a lot of ‘stuff’ which was all it really was…..just stuff!

    Enjoy the new home, I hope you both find happiness and contentment in your new location, Deborah!

  7. Hi Deborah, Getting rid of stuff is definitely a challenge. For some people more than others, and I am the some people. Lots to think about, worry about (even when we know worrying will not help). Especially with the unpredictable weather. A photo can transport you to another place and time. Great idea. A respite for a few minutes. I got a little emotional just reading the “37” years. A lot of memories attached to a home. In a few short weeks you will be breathing a sigh of relief, ready to “move” on.🙂

  8. Wow, this moment came a few years sooner than I thought – now you will be writing a lot more about snow, etc. I feel for you, having moved so much, one always gathers too much stuff. But as long as you can buy new stuff, you’ll be okay, Deborah! Excited to go to your new place? Or not yet? Looking at the time of the year, this is a great time (not yet in the heat:):) ) Hope we can visit you sometime:) Wishing you a smooth move and no regrets!

  9. Moves are tough and when one is more ‘mature’ you look at all the stuff you’ve accumulated and wonder why you’re hanging on to it all. I must admit I got rid of the vast majority of everything I owned before we made a cross country move and haven’t missed it. Sure, I made some choices that were better than others, but nothing that was a disaster, and I’m sure you will do just fine. Exciting times once all that packing is done. 🙂

    1. I hope you’re right! I’ll am looking forward to the packing being done, and then unpacking and being “home” in our new home!

      Thank you so much for support and encouragement Judy! xx

  10. Lovely photos, Deborah. I have a year to get ready (as opposed to moving in just over a week the other time!) but I still feel like I really need to get and keep moving. I have so much to go through and I know I need to get rid of lots of things, but it can be so hard. All the best!!


    1. What? You’re moving in a year? Did you share where?
      I started purging drawers, closets, and stuff after we bought the new house. I didn’t do enough! Plus our kids still had stuff here, but now that’s all gone to them to sort out.

      Thanks for the good wishes! The kitchen is just about done only the bare essentials are left out, and two rooms just have stuff in the closets. I’m getting there! My desk, and the garage are next things to tackle and pack.

      1. We haven’t really put it out there, but we’re going to be moving to the Phoenix metropolitan area. I have lots and lots to do but at least I have almost a year to get it done! Just think, we’ll be close to Nevada!

        1. Ooh, we’ll be about a 12 hour drive apart! Maybe we’ll get to meet up sooner rather than later after your move.

          Already have your house there? Email me off this thread if you’d rather not share here on the thread.

  11. The countdown moves quickly whether you are ready or not. I still have to delve into my old collections, too and I know what’s affecting you. Seeing the old stuff brings back memories and tossing them is like cutting off an appendage. I guess if in doubt you can scan the documents but for material things it’s take it or toss it.
    I have a new caption for my old photos that I have been dusting up and giving them new makeovers from newer post processing techniques, I call them visual memories with a sequential number and the before and after really brings the memory to the forefront.
    Before you know it, you will be home and the new compositions you will be seeing will be saying to you, why didn’t we move sooner! Hope to visit sometime in the future but in the meantime, start culling your stuff like your photos and I’ll bet you get things done faster! 😉

    1. Good ideas Gordon! I’m getting ruthless in my culling and getting rid of stuff. I’ve got another box of stuff I’m trying to freecycle now. If it doesn’t go I’ll donate it.

      I hope to see you this summer! I’m planning to do Bodie with you all again.

    1. That’s great to hear about your move John! I’m so happy for you both. I hope it is ever so that you are happy there!

      Thank you for the well wishes John and encouragement! We can use it.

  12. I’m living vicariously through you right now as you embark on this move. So Very Exciting!! Yes, yes, I know … packing and all that stuff, but NEW BEGINNINGS!!!
    It’s funny how so many people in my world are either knee-deep in moving activities or just ramping up to move. Last week it was my son who announced they had bought a house and are now in the madness of prepping their condo for sale.

    I LOVE that first image with the stream. I can hardly wait until I can get back out on the trails and experience a little bit of that myself.

    My very best wishes for a safe and stress-free move 🙂

    1. How exciting for your son! I wish him well with the sale, and his move! Hopefully, he doesn’t have too much stuff to move.

      Yes, to new Beginnings and adventures! I hope I can find a nice place or two down by the river near my new home. So far I’ve not really found anywhere “good”, but I’ve really not had the time to explore either so fingers crossed for both us being about to get out on the trails soon!

      Thanks so much

  13. The picture I find wonderful. I wish you succes with moving. Leaving a house you lived in for 37 years won’t be easy, but as you mention: new memories will come and hopefully will be just as sweet as the ones your are taking with you now. The older I get the more I understand that apart from a decent roof above your head, a daily meal and of course love, the most important things one takes with him/her are good memories. So let’s keep on building them! 🙂

  14. Thanks for sharing the beautiful photos, Deborah. Good luck on the move, such a big step. I’ve move many times, but not recently and not when I had this much stuff. I feel your concern about cleaning out and keeping. It’s such a hard choice. I hope you and your stuff get there on time – at least without being delayed by an avalanche.

    1. I moved a lot until He-Man and I bought this place. Having kids gave us the reason to put down roots here, and accumulate so much stuff! I hope I don’t have too many regrets or find a need for something I’ve donated, or tossed down the road.

      Thanks for the good wishes on the move we’ll take em! Winter isn’t letting go easily this year is it?

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