Whatever Weds.

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I have been mostly MIA here on the blog and keeping up with you because I have been needed at Baby Girl’s house.

The Hansome Surveyor has been really sick and was hospitalized where he stayed for 10 days.

He’s home now, but they have a long road ahead of them, but setbacks are the stepping stones to comebacks I believe.

Monday, I had a couple of hours free so Big Baby Boy who flew home to be here for the family team and I took a drive out to Knights Ferry to check out the historic wood covered bridge.

This bridge built in 1863 replaced the original which was built in 1860. The Knights Ferry bridge was built to last and was holding up well by the torrential water and rapids rushing down river in the flood of 1862. A bridge further up the river wasn’t and its ruins wiped out the original Knights Ferry bridge. The water was 35 feet higher than the low mark we see here in my image.

The bridge is 330 ft long and is the longest wood covered bridge west of the Mississippi: it crosses the Stanislaus River and is only open to foot traffic now.

There are relics and ruins from an old mill and a neat church and other old buildings I will talk about and share some images of in a future post.

I made those images on my DSLR and haven’t been home to upload them yet.

The Handsome Surveyor is tired and resting a lot. He’ll need it as he returns to work next week.

I am planning to go home Saturday. He-Man has been holding down the fort while I’ve been here. I miss him and am looking forward to seeing him.

I hope your week has been going well and you have a great weekend!

iPhone 7Plus

more to come…

44 thoughts on “Whatever Weds.

      1. Hi Deborah, I’m doing great! No hip pain and I got my stitches out on Friday so I can drive again. Hoorah! 🎉 I start PT next week. 😊 Thanks for asking! ❤️

  1. Best wishes to you and yours, I hope everyone stays well! Beautiful image of the covered bridge, you and your iPhone have done it justice 🙂

  2. Love that covered bridge! Wow, you provided a lot of care! Kind of scary for 10 days in the hospital. In situations like this, there is no one who can comfort us land give us hope ike our heavenly Father:):) Hope they can do it now without you!

  3. Your photo is absolutely stunning, Deborah. A covered bridge in an ideal setting adds to the photography. And that precious new baby… how is he doing? Thank goodness you are there to help out.

  4. Beautiful photo of the bridge. I really like how you picked up on the concept of perspective….the bridge and life. Heartfelt wishes to you and the family, Deborah.

  5. I love that bridge and am glad that you got a chance to get out and explore. I’m so sorry to hear that they are dealing with illness. I’m sure they are so thankful that you’re able to come to help out.

  6. The bridge is marvelous, of course, and so is being extra grandma-y as needed — but I am sorry to read of the illness come to pass.

  7. And, here we thought all your medical drama was over when your new baby grandson was born and everyone was healthy and happy. Ten days in the hospital means serious stuff so I send best wishes and prayers that he’s on the road to recovery. Beautiful bridge, and I mean beautiful.

  8. Oh dear! Ten days in the hospital means really sick! … at least here it is. Glad to hear he is on the road to recovery. Timing is never good for a major illness but just after a little one is born is that much harder.

    This bridge looks amazing! Can you just imagine the force of destruction to take out a bridge like this?!

    1. The timing stinks! He’s not going to be 100% for a while yet I’m afraid.

      It’s a beautiful park with great hiking trails. I wish we had more time for hiking too.
      Water ’s power is something to fear. When at the sea I always keep one eye on the surf. This river was moving really fast. I wouldn’t swim or wade where we were.

  9. The bridge looks like a very very long house. (Hmmm…. this might be an idea… 🙂 ) All the best with your family Deborah. Don’t get to tired yourself! I wish you a happy home coming.

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