Whatever Wednesday: American Kestrel

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This image was made earlier this year when I went birding with friends to a favorite Wildlife Refuge.  The American Kestrel that is usually there is such a tease!

It lands on a post and poses oh so perfect for you to see it and get your camera/lens ready then you creep up in your car ever. so. slowly- cause it’s an auto route only mind you. Trying not to crunch the gravel too loudly because you know this guy or gal is a tease and will fly to the next the post or the one beyond it at the slightest sound of a car approaching.

…And the car was too loud and his eyesight too keen so he flew from the perfect old stump which was much closer to the obscurity of the branches of a tree quite a way away! The brat! This image is cropped in because he was too far away for my 200-500mm lens. Sigh. Still, I love the highlight in its eye and that look of smug haha you can’t see me now pose.

American Kestrel

This bird and the Kite are my favorites of all the Falcons/hawks. The Kestrel is the smallest of the raptors and the most colorful in North America. I’m sure I’ve shared that before and hope you don’t mind being told again. They’re quite common here so their facts can slip by unnoticed quite like the Mallard I think.

I’m getting away from it all and going birding with friends this week to two favorite wildlife refuges. I’m so looking forward to that!  I hope you too have something to look forward to that brings you joy this week.

Nikon D810| Nikkor 200-500mm| Hoodman STEEL Digital Film| PSCC 2019


more to come…




40 thoughts on “Whatever Wednesday: American Kestrel

  1. Sorry I missed the birth of your newest grand! Happy for everyone involved that everything went okay! and Congrats to everyone:) I laughed about your story creeping over the gravel – we city people have lost so much of the sensitivity of our forefathers had (of course, we have more auditory stimuli 24/7). Have a great trip with your friends:)

  2. The cardinals around here are like that. Always waiting for you to get your camera ready and then racing off before you can capture them!! Great capture Deborah! 🙂

      1. I hope you get a chance to capture one! There are tons around here and that don’t fly south in the winter so they become even more noticeable then.

  3. This is still a great photo, Deborah, despite the challenge of the capture. I love the back story. I have a lot of joy in my days and my weeks. Thank you for sharing yours.

  4. Definitely worth the time it takes to get these shots! We don’t see a lot of them, but we do see them. I have never even attempted to click one with an iPhone 😉 You do right by the Kestrel!

  5. Nice capture, Deborah, they are a beautiful, adorable bird, they sure don’t look like a raptor, lol. But I’ve seen them in action….whoa….fierce little birds! Happy shooting at the refuges this week! 📷 🐦 😊

  6. I really like birds of prey, so I always enjoy your shots of them. I’m looking forward to having Thurs-Sat off and also to seeing your photos when you get back. 🙂 Have a blast!


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