Wild Weds. 26/52 The Inn at Benton Hot Springs

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I thought I’d change it up a bit and show you the Inn I stayed in the night before the Wild Mustangs trip.

The Inn at Benton Hot Springs

It’s lovely! The Inn features 7 rooms in an Historic 1940’s building, along with two private historic houses, with private hot tubs, and 10 private tubs for day and overnight use, and a wonderful breakfast in the morning.

The Inn is housed in a 1940’s block building constructed with local pumice materials. It was built to replace an old hotel where 10 small rooms shared one bath. The Inn was renovated in 1998, however the original structure integrity was retained. Therefore, all rooms except the Marquessa Suite (Room 7) share a bath. Two additional unique bathrooms with showers are available in a separate, adjacent building.

Prized for it’s western history, hot springs, remote settings, and  dark skies.

The family has owned and operated the ranch for more than 90 years.

This is their Mission Statement:

“Our mission is to provide
guests with a tranquil and
peaceful respite from their
fast-paced, chaotic worlds.
During their visits we
encourage calm reflection
while lingering in natural
soothing hot mineral water.
We desire that our guests
leave in a restored and
reinvigorated condition,
returning to their worlds with
enhanced balance and harmony.”

Each room at the Inn is decorated in a different theme. I was in the Victor Room, but first let me show you the place setting and crumb cake we had as a starter to our breakfast. We had eggs, and hash browns, lots of coffee, and the conversation was delightful. You eat with other guests all at one table. There are two seating’s for breakfast. 8 o’clock, or 9 o’clock. Don’t be late!  I wasn’t quick enough to get a photo of the whole table. 😕


Now, onto the Victor Suite. My room was on the end of left side of the building with a street view. There was a lovely chair outside my door with a view of the front courtyard. That image is still on my cell phone.

Brass bed… pardon my jackets on the chair please!

Victor Suite Rm 2

Each room had a Teddy Bear on the Bed(s)…  after meeting some of the other guests that were also doing the Wild Mustang Trip I asked if I could see their rooms and decor and I said I’d be happy to show them my room too. We all did a little tour of each others rooms. It was neat to see 4 of the 7 rooms, plus the Miner’s cottage. The first question one of the ladies asked me was ,”Do you have a Teddy Bear on your bed? 😊

Victor Suite Rm 2

I loved the antique furniture, and collectibles in the room. That black door is to the shared bathroom. I didn’t take any photos of the bathroom.

Victor Suite Rm 2_IMG_8806

In this image below I don’t know if the thing under the table is for magazines or boots. I’m hoping it’s for boots!  Oops, forgive my Ray-Ban’s too please.

Victor Suite Rm 2

Victor Suite Rm 2

…and a closer look at what’s on the white table. I love old bottles, and railroad spikes and do-dads.

Victor Suite Rm 2


For the History Buffs, here’s a bit of history on the town of Benton from the Inn’s website.


Benton is one of the oldest existing towns in Mono County. Benton was founded by the western Indians who came to make use of its hot springs. As the nearby towns of Bodie and Aurora grew, Benton became a check-point for travelers on the way south in 1852.

Silver was discovered in the hills of Benton in 1862, and its population quickly grew. After hitting the initial strike of silver, not much more was found, but Benton’s profits were soon primarily from silver.

Unlike other mining towns, Benton was able to provide enough for the town to thrive and flourish for about 50 years. Most of the main activity took place between 1862 and 1890.

The Carson and Colorado Railroad reached the region in 1883, and made a stop at Benton Station, just four miles away.

I have some images of the old town that’ll be sharing in the future.

I’ll be staying here again in July, and hope to get a photo of the whole breakfast table all set up for breakfast, and if I get a different room you know I’ll be taking photos to share.

Oh, and I’m packing my bathing suit this time so, I can partake of the Hot Springs tubs!😀

Nikon D810| Nikkor 20mm f/1.8G|  iPhone 7 Plus| PS CC 2018

more to come…


58 thoughts on “Wild Weds. 26/52 The Inn at Benton Hot Springs

  1. This inn has all kinds of charm and lovely doo dads! I’m especially enjoying the table antique elements, Deborah.
    You could see the warmth and fun setting in the outside photograph. All of this was so attractive to my “old” soul. 💗
    I will leave you with a wish for joy and fun on your celebration of the 4th of July. Be a “yankee doodle dandy!” 🌟 🇺🇸 🎆

    1. Hahahaha! I love that wish to for me to be a Yankee Doodle Dandy! I plan to have a fun day. I hope you do too!

      I’m going back to this inn this month, and hope I like just as well as I did in early June.

      I wish you a fun filled Independence Day too Dear Robin! xx

      1. Thank you for the shared chuckle, Deborah!
        My brother Randy is taking me to a party this evening, so am hanging out now with my Mom.
        We had our picnic dinner and watched a movie together last night.

        I’m excited for your stay in a double room. It will be a photographic adventure; plus the respite of a spring hot tub spa treatment.
        Smiles + hugs! xo

  2. That looks like such a cozy place to stay. I love how they paid attention to the details in the decorating! Dark skies are a rarity. 🙂

    1. I loved the old bottles, and bits and bobs. My Mother is collector of antiques, and Americana stuff, and it rubbed off on me. I loved this room.
      I hope I like the room I’m booked into this month as much.

      It is getting harder for me to find a truly dark sky. I have to travel 5 hours or more away now. I’m looking forward to moving to my new home where I’ll be closer to real Dark Skies. I’ll be less than 2 hours away from here then.

    1. Thank you so much Robert!

      I think the image being taken at dusk, with the lights on, and trees, and flowers in bloom give that fantasy vibe.

      The interior images I used my iPhone 7 Plus. It sometimes is an amazing camera. I’m mostly disappointed with it, but sometimes… 😊it works well.

  3. That is delightful! I think it looks like a comfy place to rest and a cheerful place to wake! So charming. And to have a historical sleep, well, that’s groovy, too. Love the antique furniture. I recognize the quilt and the shams in your photo. They’re by the same designer who made my shower curtain. (I love quilts.)
    Very cool to have been able to tour one another’s rooms and take it all in.

    1. I found a set and ordered it. It will be a nice change for Summer, and I threw out my old machined quilt top last year, b/c it was beginning to fall apart. I hadn’t found anything I liked to replace it with. Thanks for the push to get me to go looking for it!

      I’ll have a different room this month cause my good friend is going with me, and we’ll have a room with two beds. I hope I like it as well as the Victor Suite.

      1. Did you really? 😀 That’s fantastic!

        I’m glad you’re going back, gonna be lots of good stuff! Now you know what to expect and how to better prepare, so you’ll enjoy it even more!

  4. What a beautiful place! I love that there is teddy bear in each room. I hope you enjoy your time when you go back in July, and especially the hot springs! I am a little behind, and sorry it’s been so long since I have visited. I hope you are having a wonderful June! 😀

  5. What a great write-up. Looks like a wonderful place to stay! I love the look of your first image … the cool twilight colors and warm oranges of the lights and flowers work beautifully together.

  6. Cool accommodations before the happy trails roundup! Glad you took photos of the place. So you’re doing another eastern Sierras trip next month? How lucky! My cousin passed through Lee Vining last week and took a photo of the gas sign prices; $4.99/gal !!!

    1. It was a lovely place. In hindsight though Dan and I thought we should have stayed there after the trip. Those hot tubs would have been great for my aching thighs, and knees.

      Yes, I am so excited about going back. Not happy about the price of gas though, but Pearly gets good gas mileage so it shouldn’t sting too much. Hopefully, when we all get over there in August prices will have dropped a bit.

  7. Wow! What a great place to stay! I love the unusual angle of the bed to take advantage of the two windows!

    There has obviously been a great deal of thought that’s gone into the decorating. I love the use of old suitcases and boxes like in the last photo and under the table by the bathroom door.

    We definitely need more photos on your next visit!

    1. Thank you so much Joanne! I was a little surprised by the angle of the bed too, but it was lovely. There was a lot of furniture in the room, but with the bed at that angle it didn’t feel crowded or cluttered.

      I too loved those old valises, boxes, and the small trunk at the end of the bed along with all the old photos, bottles, and do-dads. It really was cozy, and though I was a bit concerned about having to share a bathroom with a perfect stranger, it all worked out just fine. My bathroom sharer turned out to be a woman who was going on the Wild Mustang trip too, and we never clashed or ran into each other in the bathroom. 😀

  8. That looks like a wonderful place! I love that antique white desk. there’s something about white painted furniture when it starts to age. The photo of the box and the bottles is really amazing. Thanks for including the history.

  9. Deborah, what a lovely post! I felt I got to visit there too. Totally charming. It’s fun that you got to see some of the other rooms. Was there a story about them putting teddy bears on the beds?


    1. Hi Teagan! Thank you so much for your visit and reading the post! It was totally charming!

      I never asked if there was a story behind the Teddy Bears. I’ll ask when I am there again next month.

      Hugs to you too! xx

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