Wild Wednesday 20/52 Deep Greens and Blues are the Colors I Choose

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On Saturday I went birding locally in the morning hoping to see a Lazuli Bunting. They’re only here in the Spring and I heard they were spotted in a place I’d seen one four years ago.  It was a stellar morning of birding! Not only did I get a brief look at the Lazuli Bunting, but I also saw lots of Violet-green Swallows. 🙂

Both birds have amazing colors.

Lazuli Bunting Male-  He’s song bird.

Lazuli Bunting

Violet-green Swallow Male

Violet-green Swallow

…and I got the “look” from a White-tailed Kite while she was hunting. You know how much I like them. My favorite of the Birds of Prey.  I like to think she was wishing me a Happy Birthday. 🙂

White-tailed Kite

I had a birdy long week-end that included some hiking/walking . Saturday I hiked just a smidge over a mile half of it was uphill and the beginning was steep.  Monday I hiked a bit over 2 miles, and Tuesday afternoon I hiked just over 4 miles.  He-Man and I hiked a trail we hadn’t hiked in a couple of years. It was good to get out and really stretch our legs.  Mind you, I feel so out of shape since having the flu and not doing much hiking since. I’m glad I made the loop up and down! I had doubts about being able to make it up to the second trail-head to make the loop. A couple of spots are steep. On two of the hikes I had some elevation gain which I like.  I like uphill for the first leg…more payoff for the exertion, and the reward is the downhill on the way back.  However, what I find is that there is uphill on both ends! I’m usually tired by the time I reach the upper elevation, and it’s work to get up those uphills on the way back.  I’m always so thankful I completed the hike, and if I carried my Garmin tracker seeing the stats always makes those uphills on the way back more rewarding.  I was tired and needed some extra Yoga stretches to ward off being really sore Wednesday, but I kept thinking “maybe I’ll get my groove back, and hike a couple times a week again.”

One can hope! 🙂

I hope you all are having a good week!

Nikon D810| Nikkor 200-500mm| San Disk Digital Film| PS CC 2018

more to come…





59 thoughts on “Wild Wednesday 20/52 Deep Greens and Blues are the Colors I Choose

  1. I listed colors but meant to write “birds” after them. I am home from Cleveland and ready to put my feet up. I will awake at 4:45 am to head off to work. . .
    Have a great rest of the Memorial Day weekend! 🇺🇸 May any and all servicemen and women, as well as those serving our country get a salute and honor!

      1. They will be fine. Dan Antion pointed out I am lucky to still have those loved ones. I did say a prayer of thanks and gratitude on my trip home in the car. Also, told Mom I think of her daily and love, love her! Thank you, Deborah. 💞 xo

          1. It is hard sometimes with long distance to feel connected, but we are blessed to still have our mothers, Deborah. 💕
            I will cross my fingers all travel plans for Fall go smoothly. . . 🤗

  2. I was worried about you and your hiking as well as overdoing until you captured so many beautiful photos. Phew! Take it easy, my dear friend.
    I absolutely love birds, the kite is quite a fabulous shot. His eye is indeed upon you, not his prey at that moment! Yikes, Deborah.
    The violet green and lazuli blue are truly the “jewels” or “gems” of your photography. 💙 💚 Thank you for another breathtaking post, Deborah! xo

  3. Still a happy birthday, Deborah! Did not realize your birthday was the same day as my 4th grand who became 11 years old.
    He announced that he wanted to spend a whole week with us to paint (he’s into cartoons), and to do wood work with hubs. So I was gone yesterday. Hope you were able to do something special (don’t know if the hike you posted, was the day of your birthday). Such colorful birds – beautiful! The same here – out of shape, and I don’t have an excuse, but the reason is that I don’t have a big painting project right now.

  4. Your captures are absolutely stunning, Deborah! How nice to see and get a look from the White-tailed Kite, I’m sure she winked at you. 🙂 Definitely a great birthday birding day! And glad to hear your back to hiking. My legs hurt just reading all the elevations you did! You did awesome!

  5. Happy belated birthday, Deborah. What marvelous photos and the jewel colors of those first two are something beautiful to behold. How long until your horse trip?


    1. Thank you so much Janet! They are beauties!

      Not too long now! I’m starting to mentally pack. I still need to get over to the sporting goods store for a few things, but I’m going to start laying out everything soon to make sure I have all I need. Also need to set up my tent in the backyard to make sure it’s still in good repair, and remind me how to set it up. It’s been a year since I last put it up. 🤔

  6. Lapis Lazuli. A bird made of gemstone. A little treasure come to life. It is truly a beautiful creature, as is the swallow (sassy looking thing!) and the kite. I’m glad you are able to hike a bit again. Maybe not as you were used to, but that will come. It doesn’t stop you from making great captures anyway. And-ehm… happy birthday! (I almost wrote: happy birdday 🙂 )

    1. Thank you so much Peter! The Violet-Green Swallow are sassy and pushy. They are quite protective about that snag. They thing they own it and chase away any bird landing there.
      That’s why my look at the Lazuli Bunting was so brief!

  7. A James Taylor fan!! This was one of the small handful of songs I sang to the boys when I would rock them as babies. Powerful memories 💕 … and gorgeous birds. if it wasn’t for the beak, I would think the blue one was a budgie.

      1. My mom had budgies/parakeets off and on over the years when I was growing up. In fact I had one myself shortly after I started working out of university. I’m quite fond of the little things 💕

        1. Years ago when my oldest was in college our cat at the time died, and I didn’t want another one straight-away with Big Baby Boy being away at school since he’s really the cat lover so I bought a Parakeet. Sadly, it didn’t survive long. It still breaks my heart that it didn’t survive. It was just starting to get comfortable being held and sitting on my fingers.
          I’ve been gun shy of buying or adopting anything from a pet store since.
          But, I’ve just taken possession of a Guinea Pig! He-Man is shaking his head wondering what am I thinking? Diva Dog doesn’t understand why she can’t have it. I know next to nothing about them, but I’ll figure it out. 😜

          1. I love the soft cooing and chirping of parakeets. It’s such a happy sound to have in a home. Guinea pigs wouldn’t do it for me. I’m with Diva Dog 😉

  8. Wonderful post, I look forward to more of you birding hikes. The flu is so draining. You will feel out of shape until you have fully recovered. Good luck

  9. I think the Kite is wishing yo a happy birthday, Deborah – “I don’t give this look to every birder…” These are great photos and I’m happy you’re able to get back out on the trails. I’m guessing there is lots of hiking around where you’re next home is located.

    Sometimes, I think I’d rather let my body tell me how hard I worked, instead of some tracking-tech that just went along for the ride. Those extra stretches were telling you how much elevation you gained 😉

  10. Hi Deborah. I’m so glad you enjoyed your birthday — and we get the presents, with these beautiful birds! Yes, that kite gave you a lovely pose. Fabulous catch there. Hugs on the wing!

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