Gray Whale Cove Sunset

Copyright © 2018 Deborah M. Zajac.  ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

I had the pleasure of observing the last night’s sunset on the coast with friends.

It was a warm, peaceful, beautiful evening.

Gray Whale Cove Sunset

Nikon D810| Nikkor 20mm f/1.8 @ f/11| SanDisk Digital Film| PS CC 2018

more to come…


40 thoughts on “Gray Whale Cove Sunset

  1. This is another photograph which could be sold to a magazine or calendar company! Wow, Wow! 🎆

    Thank you for sharing beauty and the last light of this day’s end. . .
    Serenity and peace sent to you, Deborah. 🕊️

  2. Wow! Great shot, Deborah! I probably passed that beach many times (and slowed down for people running across the road to get to and from their parked cars) but have never hiked down to it. Your photo is tempting me to visit it 😉

    1. Thank you so much Gordon! I too had passed it so many times over the years I’ve lived here and driven up or down Hwy 1. It’s a pretty beach, and cove and pretty well sheltered from the wind. I really enjoyed it there.

      The hike down was a breeze, climbing those stairs to get back up…a work out! 🙂

  3. That has an other-worldly look to it, Deborah, it’s so beautiful. I love sunsets, but the waves, and the reflection in the sand is just stunning. More of these, please.

    1. I had doubts that we’d get any color in the morning, but was resolved to go anyway. I’m so glad I did.

      Thank you so much for the lovely comment. The light on the sand was lovely. I do wish I had taken my flash to light the rock come aligator/sea rock a bit though. Hindsight. Next time!

    1. Thank you so much Amy! It didn’t look like it would be a good one in the morning. It was so overcast, and cloudy, but the sun broke through, and then the magic happened. 🙂 It was lovely.

      1. Ahh! 🙂 Tell him to take lots of photos, preferably from the Skyscraper. There’s a bar on top. To say cheers it’s Na zdravje! 😉 Maybe one day you’ll get to go too!

        1. I’ve been whining about it since he told me. I just want to go!

          I’ll tell him about the skyscrapper, bar, and I’ll have to YouTube Na zdravje! To get the right pronunciation for him. Thank you!! xx

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