Thursday Doors: Blake Garden

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I haven’t shared any doors in a long time, but thought I’d share a couple of doors, and some flowers that are in bloom from my visit to Blake Garden last Saturday with Gordon from undiscoveredimagesamonstus and a few other friends.

Blake Garden is owned and operated by UC Berkeley. It’s open Mon-Fri. Closed on week-ends except once a year it opens on the week-end for public visiting.

I’d never been there before and was looking forward to seeing and photographing flowers in bloom.  I wasn’t disappointed, and there were DOORS! Well, just a couple.

This Mission Style building was marked private. It looked empty, but had huge windows overlooking the view of the bay and San Francisco. Unfortunately, on this morning it was very overcast so the view wasn’t good.

This view was very good I thought, but the reflection had me the moment I saw it.  Anna and I waited sometime for this view to be people free.

Private Building with Koi Pond reflection

A closer look at the door:

Door Blake Garden

Standing in front of the house/building and looking east you see this! Do you see the Koi?

I love Stone Bridges, and this one is so cute. There’s a little door and a hidey hole too.

Koi Pond and Stone Bridge_DMZ6540-crop

A Columbine. I think it’s a Blue Columbine, but I’m not positive.

Blue Columbine

I laid down on the path to get a view of its face which was hidden when looking down and walking along the path.


The Green Tool Shed had its door open and I liked the little peek inside and the foliage framing it.

Tool Shed

I have quite a few flower images, but I’ll end with a Red Poppy so it doesn’t turn into a Flower Post. 🙂

Red Poppy

This post has been part of Norm Frampton’s Thursday Doors.  He’s a master gardener of doors.

Click on over to his website here and at the bottom of his post you’ll find the little blue frog. Click that and be taken to a list of all Door Gardeners that are sharing their door finds this week.

If you have a door or two you’d like to share please do! Norm gives us until noon Saturday Quebec time to post and link up!

Nikon D810| Nikkor 105mm macro lens & 24-120mm variable lens| SanDisk Digital Film|PS CC 2018

more to come…



52 thoughts on “Thursday Doors: Blake Garden

    1. Isn’t that neat Jack! It was facing downward so you couldn’t see that part of the flower whilst looking down at from the path, so I laid down on the path and scooted under it and shot facing up at it. 🙂

      I’m so glad you like it. Do you have Columbine there?

  1. Those perfect like glass mirror reflections are absolutely stunning, Deborah. I loved your green gardening shed and such a pretty place to have shared with us all!
    Hugs! I went back to make sure I had told you get well, then saw the baby bird owlets. 💞 Happy days to you and yours. . . 💐

  2. Beautiful shots Deborah. That reflection won me over as well and that bridge is very fairytale-like. I love the details of the flowers. 🙂

  3. Amazing shot, that first one, Deborah! Am surprised to see a barn-looking structure in a city like San Francisco. Yes, I think it’s a colombine. You can turn your post into anything you want to – I wished I would see more red poppies!

        1. I’ve never been to this area of the Bay Area before. It’s gorgeous! Tricky to find even with GPS, but worth the trip north!

          Next time you’re picking up your son on a week-day if time allows go here then head to Kensington proper about mile south of the Garden if you’re hungry.

  4. I’m glad you took those shots; I missed them on Saturday when I got separated from you guys but saw the pond on Tuesday on my return trip. Great shot of the door from the other end of the pond (I didn’t think to do that comp on Tuesday as I was looking for the hummers and I got some hummers photos). Blake Garden is so cool and it was even better early in the morning when there weren’t any people around except for a few enjoying the peaceful environment.

    1. Thank you so much Gordon!

      Going during the week in the morning would be awesome. Far fewer people I’m sure especially compared to the one week-end they were open when we went. 🙂

      I’ll be looking for your images from your Tues. visit!

  5. I don’t mind you holding back the flowers on doors day, but you’ll share them later, RIGHT?! 😀 Looks like columbine to me, too. I love the water reflection, that’s stunning. You did well waiting for people to clear out, I get impatient with that.

  6. What a beautiful day you had there, Deborah. So many lovely things in this post. I think the stone bridge is my favorite — especially with the door and hidey hole, which made it intriguing as well as charming. Great work with the flower closeup. Hugs!

  7. This is a great post, Deborah. I love the little stone bridge and the reflections in the pool. Thanks for waiting for it to be people free. That tool shed looks bigger than my first apartment 😉 – The flowers are very pretty.

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