Wordless Weds. 16/52 Western Meadowlark

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HELLO!  I’ve missed you guys!  I’ve been MIA for what seems an age.  I caught the flu on the 5th and am finally out of bed and back in the land of the living!

It’ll be a few more days before I’m back to normal strength, and the Doc says the cough is going to linger for a week more or so, but I’m as happy as this Meadowlark singing its song.  I could break out in my own kind of Happy to be over the flu song, but the cough…and my voice is a bit hoarse, so I’ll spare you. 🙂

These two images are from earlier in the year. I can’t wait to get out with my camera. It’s missed me. 🙂

Western Meadowlark Male Singing

Western Meadowlark Male poser

How are you guys? Holding up and faring a far sight better than I’ve been I hope. I’ll be catching with your blogs soon!

Nikon D810| Nikkor 200-500mm| SanDisk Digital Film| PSCC 2018

more to come…

56 thoughts on “Wordless Weds. 16/52 Western Meadowlark

  1. Hi Deborah! Hope you saw my well wishes and compliment on the pretty photograph!
    So sorry you were sick and boo to the flu, as Joanne so aptly said!
    Here’s to better days of Spring! I try to go back to where I leave off to read inorder of missed posts. . . ✨ 💐

  2. I’m happy to hear that you are doing better!!

    I love the vibrant yellow of this little guy. It looks like you caught him mid-song in that first shot.

    I’m enjoying watching the birds nearby. A bluebird couple has taken over the nest we can see from the front window and while all the birds (and the pesky squirrel) love the bird feeder out back, I love watching the cardinal couple because he will come and scope things out and then call to her or take her up some food. So cute. 🙂

    1. Oh how wonderful! We don’t have Cardinals here. I’m a bit envious of those of you that do. I’ve never seen one, and hope to one day.

      Thanks so much for the well wishes Amy. I’m so happy to be feeling much better!

  3. I am glad you are feeling better! I love your images and this bird. When I moved west I was for the chance to see them. We didn’t have them in the east but I remebered them from my few childhood years in Kansas … the state bird.

  4. Such a beautiful bird, Deborah, I have never seen one before. Great captures! So sorry to hear you’ve been ill but glad you’re recovering, make sure to take it easy for a while! 🙂

    1. Thanks Cybele! I noticed, but see you from time on time on Flickr so knew you are somewhat alright. 🙂 Thanks for the well wishes! I hope everything works out and settles down for you soon! xx

  5. Deborah, you have been sick and I feel so bad to have not sent you a get well bouquet of wishes!
    I hope you will be great the rest of the year. . .
    These two precious photographs show such fine details on these yellow (golden) meadowlarks!! You certainly know how fond I am of birds. Smiles and warm, big hugs to you, dear friend. 💕 🤗

  6. I’m so sorry you’ve been sick, the flu is just terrible! I am glad you are up and around. I bet your camera does miss you! I love the little bird!

  7. Oh drats, I knew nothing about it. From experience I say that grand kids maybe tiny but they’re much more resilient than we adults are. Just take it easy to fully recuperate , Deborah! Good you have some archives – the world can wait:):)

    1. Thank you Gordon! The Doc said there are still cases coming in with the flu. 😦 It’s miserable and I was avoiding crowds all winter long hoping to avoid it. Unfortunately, Baby Girl’s X gave it to #1 Grandson who gave it to me, and then He-Man got it too!

      Yes, this is that little Meadowlark!

      I hope to see you soon too. Maybe Sat. if I’m up to it.

  8. When the cough is gone, you’ll be having again some flesh on the bone… This funny enough does not rhyme in English 🙂 Happy to see a sign of life from you Deborah! Be completely healthy again soon.

  9. Deborah, I wondered where you were. So sorry you were sick. Ugh… nasty stuff. And the lingering cough — those stick with me for the longest time. But I’m happy to know you’re on the mend. That little bird surely looks happy too. Hugs on the wing!

  10. I’ve missed you and been wondering where you were, to the point that I was just ready to email you to ask. Then you popped up yesterday on my blog. Sorry to hear about the flu, but glad you’re feeling better. Take good care of yourself and thanks for these wonderful photos.


  11. I am very sorry to hear that you had the flu, Deborah. Someone liked a comment I made on one of your older posts and I thought: “Oh my, where is she?”

    I love this little bird, and that’s such a great picture!

    I hope you get your strength back and can get back out with your camera soon!

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