Super Blue Blood Moon 1.31.2018

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I didn’t venture further than my front yard to photograph the Super Blue Blood Moon on Wednesday morning because I didn’t have enough time to get anywhere with a good foreground and be back in time to be here for #1 Grandson.

The Eclipse was already underway when I started photographing it.  Here’s how I saw it at Totality.

Super Blue Blood Moon 1.31.2018

This Moon was special because it was a combination of 3 Lunar occurrences at the same time.  It was a “Super Moon”, a moon that is full while at its closest orbit to Earth, with a “blood moon”, so called for the reddish color that it gets as the sunbeams peek around the edges of the Earth, and shine on it, and a “Blue Moon”, because this was the second full moon to occur in a calendar month.

The last time a Total Lunar Eclipse coincided with a “Blue Moon” in the United States was in 1866.  Having all three line up together is really rare!

Nikon D810| Nikkor 200-500mm @500mm|

more to come…




45 thoughts on “Super Blue Blood Moon 1.31.2018

  1. I saw beauty in a large, glowing super moon but nothing like this stunning, memorable photograph you took!!! Wow, double wow!
    You could sell this one! I wish I knew a “connection.”. Hugs, Robin💕 💖

  2. What an amazingly clear photo. Unfortunately it was cloudy in my area of Australia so we didn’t get to see it. Don’t think I will be around in about 150 years when the next one shows…

  3. Beautiful capture Deborah!! I did admire this moon, but unfortunately no captures on my end. I’ve loved seeing all the photos that everyone has taken. It was quite amazing to witness such a rare occurrence as the three lining up at the same time! 🙂

  4. Good catch! I got up at 3:30 a.m. and looked out of my bedroom window and saw the moon was clearly lit and thought maybe I could shoot from my window and avoid the cold morning. Originally, I had planned to drive to Mori Point in Pacifica but that would also require a 20 minute hike to get to the shore and another 10 minute hike up the mountain in the dark so I mulled over what I was going to do. Shooting from my window meant shooting through the window screen and that might not turn out well even if using my long lens so I decided to drive 1.5 miles to Thornton Park to get a clearer view. That worked out well but I lost some clear images as my AF was hunting and I didn’t have my focus peaking turned on. Later I turned on the focus peaking and if I missed anything at the beginning it got better at the end. Well worth the experience but it was cold out there; sometimes you have to do it or not get the chance again.

    1. I got up 15 minutes after you did, but didn’t make it outside until the Eclipse had been in progress a few minutes already. After Totality I packed up and went for a hot cuppa tea followed by a nap. “)

      Did you post your images already? I don’t recall getting a notice from Flickr that you posted something new. I’m looking forward to seeing your images!

  5. Looking great! Amore and I keep nudging each other for the last few days, and no, the moon – although beautiful and big when not hiding behind the clouds – is not even a little bit red…

    1. Thank you so much M! I get confused too! There is so much about our Universe to learn and marvel over. I hope I never take a Lunar Eclipse for granted and have to look up what makes it so special. I don’t ever want to lose the magic and wonder of it.

    1. Thank you so much Joanne! There was long swath of cloud that rolled by while I was photographing the Eclipse that I though might grow and ruin my viewing. Thankfully it didn’t.
      I’ve been skunked a few times with fog, and low clouds while photographing Lunar Eclipses. I was happy this wasn’t one of those times. You never can count on a good shot during Winter.

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