Wild Weds. 5/52 Lost in the Wild

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Losing your house key on the trail would be among the top five worst  things ever to lose on the trail!

Thankfully, someone found it and placed in spot it is hoped to be found.

Lost in the Wild

I hope the person that lost this was able to retrace their movements to here and reclaim the key that was lost the wild.

Nikon D810| Nikkor 24-120mm| Hoodman Digital Film| PS CC 2018

more to come…

33 thoughts on “Wild Weds. 5/52 Lost in the Wild

  1. I would be so worried, frantically looking! Deborah, some dealerships take the “Vin number” and can make a duplicate key! Not one that is a remote one with panic button, etc. It is like a door key and Free! I did not have to pay for it, Deborah! Yay!! Dodge roadside service, by the way. I called them. 🌈⚡ 😊

  2. Oh, no… I like how your photographed the keys though – it is a subject that is relatable! I haven’t misplaced my keys in awhile, now my car is a different matter! Lol! 🤣 Some days I forget where is park it at the grocery store! 😮 Oh, dear…☺️

    1. Thank you so much Jill! When I park in a new lot I think I may have trouble remembering where I parked especially, if it’s gonna be hours and hours before I get back to my car I take a photo of where I parked and/or type a note to myself on my cell phone note pad if I need more than just a photo.

      I tend to park out away from the door to the grocery store b/c it’s so congested with people and traffic. I get in and out better away from the doors, and I get a few extra steps in too. So, I just head to the farthest row from the door and I’m sure to find my car somewhere over there. 🙂

  3. That happened to me once. I got back to my car and no keys. I had a pretty good idea where they might have fallen out so I had to hike back a couple miles and fortunately they were where I though they might be. It was in a spot off trail that no one would have found them. Whew! Now I make sure my keys are zippered in a pocket or somewhere they won’t fall out.

    1. Oh I’m so glad you were able to find your keys and not be stranded!

      I only carry 3 keys and keep them on a D-ring which I attach to my belt loop then tuck my keys in my pocket. Or zip them up in a pocket if not wearing pants with pockets or a place to attach my keys to.

      Knocking on wood that continues to work for me, and you!

  4. Ooooo, yes. That would be bad, but worse if someone hadn’t found it and tried to make it obvious. Have to tell you that I’m so happy to visit your site now that I can read everything without having to squint!! SO much nicer. 🙂


  5. Last summer I was out with one of the biologists in the field. We were pretty far out, and we came across some keys on a lanyard. House keys, expensive car key…We did the same thing, putting them on a post, but the keys looked pretty weathered. We felt sorry for whoever it was.
    When my son was just a wee one I would carry him on my back to go butterfly monitoring. Those were pretty hot days! One day he was playing with my favorite hat and I didn’t realize he’d dropped it until we were back at the car. By then I wasn’t going back for it but I did look for it on subsequent trips, and mentioned it to people. A few years later thinning was being done, and at the top of a maple that was brought down was an old squirrel nest, and my hat! It had been chewed a bit and was dirty, which made it all the better.

  6. I lost a woollen hat during my last hike. It’s easily replaced, so no big deal. What I sometimes find are plush toys from babies that fell out of the stroller, the toys, not the babies. They are placed, like the keyes, somewhere they can easliy be spotted, and when it’s raining they are sitting there so lonely and sad. 🙂 Mysterious finds are singles shoes or boots.

  7. … and it’s on a lanyard too. That’s unusual – I thought the whole point of a lanyard was to make them easier to find / harder to lose.

    I don’t worry about losing my house key anymore since we put a keypad lock on our house, but losing my car key is a different story. One day on the trail several years ago, Helen and I were using the 2-car method of point-to-point hiking. Thankfully we were only about a km into the hike when Helen realized she had left her car key (to the car at our end point) in my car. Obviously we had to backtrack to get it. That day was a particularly difficult one on the trail and I can’t imagine how horrible it would have been to get to her car only to discover we were stranded.

    1. Being stranded in the middle of nowhere b/c you left your keys in the other car would have been awful.
      If there was no cell service to call for help even worse! I’m glad she had discovered the keys missing early into the hike.

      I wonder if the person who lost these keys will wear the lanyard no matter what from now on? 🙂

  8. Great photo – It brings a sad feeling to mind.

    The only think I ever lost while hiking was a cap that I took off for a few minutes at the summit and left it sitting on the log we rested on. When I realized it, it wasn’t worth climbing back up.

    1. My thought was thankfully it didn’t appear to have a car key on it which would have made this loss really bad! Car keys are so expensive today.

      I’ve lost some good stuff on the trail. A pair of Marc Jacob sunglasses- never, ever wearing designer glasses on the trail again.

      A nice head-lamp, and a Canon Close up lens. That too was an expensive loss, and I’ve lost a few lens caps too.

      I lost a whole set of keys several winters back. It was long exciting day of photography. It was really rainy, and I was out all day and well into the night. I got home, and fell into bed.
      Going about my day later I needed to run an errand and couldn’t find my keys. That was a painful loss too. The trail is collecting my stuff. 🙂

      1. Ugh, a lens?!?! Oh no! Whenever I travel, I lock my car with the remote fob, so I know I have my keys with me. If I park at the airport, I clip the keys inside my backpack (which is what I carry on). The cost is bad enough. Not being able to get home or get in your house would be the worst.

        1. It’s not a Lens Lens it’s one that screws onto the end of a real lens. I carry that when traveling light for macro imaging. It’s not as expensive as lens, but not cheap either.

          I have my keys on a D-ring I usually attach to my belt loop then tuck the keys in my front pocket. Knock on wood it’s worked out well.

  9. Oh goodness, that would be bad. Once my purse was stolen (in my office building) and the loss of my keys created unbelievable problems.
    I like the photo, Deborah. It seems to hit on multiple levels. Wishing you a wildly, wickedly, wonderful Wednesday. Hugs.

    1. Oh, to have your purse stolen is the worst! It happened to me when I was a teenager.

      Losing your keys is such a pain. I’ve misplaced my keys so many times, but only lost a set once…knocking on wood now! That was while out doing photography several years back.
      But, I have always remembered having them in my hand ready to unlock the door in case He-Man locked when he went to bed out of habit. I was so tired when I came in that night. I dropped everything and fell into bed. I’ve never found them so, I could be remembering wrong.
      The car key was the most painful b/c it was so expensive to replace.

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