Merry Christmas!

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I just wanted to take a moment to say MERRY CHRISTMAS! to all of you who celebrate it. I hope your holiday is wonderful, and filled with love, and lots of laughter.

Having a little one in the house has given me an opportunity to watch a favorite Holiday movie.  Frosty the Snowman.  I enjoy this movie and song so much I had to add the ornament to tree.

So, what’s going on at my house besides watching the old Christmas animated movies?

I’ve shared with some of you about my tradition of putting my collection of stuffed bears, and animals around the tree as soon as the tree goes up in December.  Part of that tradition is that the bears and animals leave sometime before Christmas. They leave a note on the tree telling us that Santa really needed their help to get all the final things ready for his most important flight of the year.

I woke up yesterday morning and they were gone. The note was on the tree saying they’d gone to the North Pole to help Santa Claus and Elves make ready for Christmas.  They thanked us for understanding, and assured us they’d be home soon, and signed their note with lots of ♥ and paw prints. 🙂

#1 Grandson who just turned 5 this week is a bit concerned about their departure and is anxiously waiting for Santa and the Bears, and other animals to return. He is worried about the Bear Cookie Jar that went too. He’s worried it might get broken.  I hope it doesn’t, but I’m sure Santa can fix him if it were to get broken. 🙂

Big Baby Boy, and the Dark Haired Beauty flew in last night. We’re all excited to have them home for Christmas.  Dark Haired Beauty is the reigning 2016 champion of the game  Mexican Train a family favorite.  We’ll see if she can be unseated this year.

Baby Girl’s sofa, Coffee, and end tables arrived yesterday.  She’s very  relieved that we all won’t be sitting on the floor while she hosts her very first Christmas in her very first apartment.

Our new house has a renter. I’ve still got mixed feelings about that as I’d love to be living there; we can’t right now, but things are lining up.

While I haven’t been too chatty with my posts this year good things are happening here.  He-Man and I are beaming with joy, and feel very blessed for it’s been a really great year so far. (knocking on wood!) 🙂

I’ll be back next week with Wordless Wednesday, but will be on a wee break til then spending time with my children, and Grandson.

If you don’t celebrate Christmas I hope you find some delight in the Holiday joy, lights, decorations, and enjoy a day off. 🙂


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more to come…

57 thoughts on “Merry Christmas!

  1. Doesn’t that all sound merry and bright? 😀 I’m very happy to have three days with my little family.
    I’m sure the bears will be back with goodies soon!

    I hope the renter works out, baby steps, hm?

    A very merry Christmas to you, Deborah! ❤

    1. Thank you so much Joey! 3 days with the family is bliss!

      The Bears and other stuffed animals usually return with Santa and we find them under the tree and among the presents Christmas morning. 🙂

      We hope the renter works out too…baby steps is our speed right now.

      I wish you bliss, joy, and a very MERRY CHRISTMAS Joey! xx

  2. Merry Christmas Deborah!! I love hearing about your traditions. How exciting this must be for #1 grandson. I miss those days of seeing the magic through little eyes. I hope that you have a wonderful holiday with all of your family and that it is filled with the creation of many beautiful memories. ❤

  3. Merry, Magical Christmas Deborah!! It sounds like you have all the right ingredients in place for that to happen ❤️

    It’s so wonderful to read the joy between the lines. You’re in a happy place and I hope you stay there comfortably throughout the new year!

    1. Thank you so much Joanne! This year was definitely way better than the year of the Monkey! The Rooster was a much better year. It’s my sign so I’m sure that had a little something to do with it. 🙂

      I hope we both fair well next year too!

      MERRY CHRISTMAS to you and yours!

  4. Dear Deborah, now my curiosity is piqued! Wonder where those dear stuffed bears 🐻🐨and cookie 🍪🍪 jar disappeared to? 😉 😊
    I hope you have a fantastic holiday filled with the magical parts of family and a very special grandson! May all be safe, healthy and happy!
    Merry Christmas, Deb! ✨🎄💞

    1. I’m sure they’re safe in the North Pole helping Santa with this last minute rush before his flight! It’s tomorrow night you know! It’s Christmas in Australia on Sunday!! 🙂

      I’ve never worried about the Cookie jar going with the bears…it’s a Bear Cookie Jar! I imagine Mrs. Claus keeps it filled with cookies for the Bears, and Elves so they keep their energy levels up through the rush of getting ready for Christmas.
      #1GS never worried about it specifically in all his 4 previous Christmases that he’s experienced them leaving to help Santa. Now that he’s getting older, and more aware of the world around him he’s worried about the Bear Cookie Jar being broken. How sweet is that! 🙂
      You know, he’s never let his favorite Teddy Bear, or Reindeer sit under my tree since he was 3, and realized his bear and reindeer were gone. He took them with him when he and Baby Girl moved out a month ago. He doesn’t want them to leave him for Santa or anyone! Or near my Bears, and animals. He’s afraid they’ll talk his into going along too. 🙂

      I did notice his Reindeer under their tree though. 🙂 Daughter said she’s not going to carry on the Bear Tradition at her place. That’s Grandma/Mom thing.
      So, now I’m wondering how long before he brings them back to sit under the tree knowing they’ll probably leave before Christmas to help Santa, and they really will return? Will it be next year when he’s 6 or later? ( Deborah whispers; they come back with the presents from Santa, and are under the tree, and around the presents Christmas morning!) 😉

      I wish you a wonderful, and joyous Christmas with your Grandies, and family too Dear Robin! Hugs!

      1. I am so relieved! 😉
        I just was so happy that you have created such a sweet tradition for #1 Grandson. This was ingenious idea! It may be too late for me to start any new plans for Santa, his reindeers and the elves.
        I think it was sweet while I missed the work party I had sent an RSVP with my four youngest grandies’ names on the form. I was up for my brother’s second surgery, a nice security guard made a special letter which told them he had “heard” they said Great Uncle Randy was more important than Santa. (They did tell me this over the phone! Can you believe it? They said it was better to be at the hospital than their going to a party. The call I made to the HR lady to tell her we would not be able to come, I had taken days off and had to break my reservation. . . She mentioned this to the guard who wasn’t even the Santa!) The note reminds the kids to leave carrots out for reindeer and cookies for Santa. 💞 🌟

            1. It is hard to be in Randy’s shoes, but so glad he is on his way to getting better. Your healing and good thoughts make a difference, believe me. Thank you, Deborah. xo

            2. For some reason my comments aren’t posting in the comment box on your posts or others. 😦 I’ll have to figure out if it’s a setting error. Since I changed themes I’m thinking it might be. Sigh.

            3. Teagan found me in her spam folder! I don’t have a clue what would have changed to make my comments veer off to that folder!

              Comments in the Reader seem to be working, but I rarely read the blogs I follow in the Reader. I open them directly from my email. Hopefully it’s gets sorted soon!

  5. So great to read your update. I have a huge smile on my face reading it. So happy for you. Gearing up for festivities throughout the weekend her today starting with our McHendy Christmas today and then christmas eve and day with family. Merry Merry Christmas – and thank you for your friendship here!

    1. Your week-end sounds like fun! I know there will be lots of laughter, love, and great food at your place! We all want you to adopt us! 🙂 JK!

      I appreciate your friendship here and on IG too. You are so inspiring and warm my soul more than you know.

      I raise my glass to you Dearest Jodi, and wish you and yours a very Merry Christmas too! Hugs! xx

  6. I have enjoyed visiting here this year so much, Deborah and I feel like I know the people you are sharing Christmas with, especially #1 GS – I hope you all have a very Merry Christmas. I hope the bears return and that Santa has found you all to have been nice. Good luck with Mexican Train. I won Monopoly at Thanksgiving, and I’m sensing revenge is on the menu for Christmas.

    1. Thank you so much Dan! I’m so glad you feel like you know the family. I feel the same about the Editor, Faith, Maddie, and the squirrels.

      It’s highly unlikely that I’ll win Mexican Train…I get distracted with the score keeping, but I do have a lot of fun.
      I hope you keep your Monopoly Champ Title this year. It’s sure to be a robust game. 🙂
      Merry Christmas to you and the family!

    1. Happy Christmas to you too Marina!

      WP changed my theme so I’ll have to find a new one in the new year. I’m not looking forward to the transition. I haven’t had issues with the likes…I hope I don’t!

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