Thursday Doors: On the Curve

Copyright ©2017 Deborah M. Zajac. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

When I’m not hiking Hiking I feel the need to stretch my legs and keep in shape so, I walk up what I call the “steep road” which isn’t too far from me.  The total elevation gain is anywhere from 250-900ft depending on how good I feel. If I’m feeling great when I get to the top of the road I’ll veer over to the trail that takes me up to Fremont Older Open Space and get more hills in.  But, no matter how far I go up I’ll usually end up on the road going down which leads me to this view, and past this house.

Copyright © 2017 Deborah M. Zajac ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

I love the pavers on the curved driveway leading up to the arched garage doors, and the balcony! 3 French doors and two topped with Ivy! SWOON!  The tile roof… is gravy.

Quite often when stretching my legs I don’t carry anything other than my iPhone7Plus. I’ve regretted that choice more times than I can count! This was one of them.  I blew out the sky to keep the house in the right light, but even it is a bit blown out. 😦  It was a risk knowing He-Man and I got started later than I wanted to. He likes to start later than I do and if I want his company I concede to his timetable most the time.

I hope you’ll see the house as I do when walking down that steep road after a long hike up. It always puts a smile on my face seeing it.  It’s like a Villa isn’t it?  I wish sometimes this was my final destination, but reality…it’s not!  But, it is the first house of the last steep S curve going down. The road’s grade gets easier after this last S curve, and soon I’ll be done, and the deer are sometimes just around the corner at the bottom of the “S”!  I hope they’re there this morning.

Here’s how I see the house from higher up the road.

Copyright ©2017 Deborah M. Zajac ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

The Deer weren’t at the bottom of the hill eating on this morning, but you know I hope they are every time I go this way! 🙂  I see Deer so often when out stretching my legs or hiking that I believe they’re my Spirit Animal.  Coyote are the other 4 legged animal I see a lot when hiking. I wonder if I’m missing a sign and they’re my Animal Spirit? Maybe both?  I should look that up.

I hope to be out birding this week-end so won’t be online much.  I hope you all have a wonderful week-end and do something you love doing, and see a door or two along the way! xx  🙂

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35 thoughts on “Thursday Doors: On the Curve

  1. Deborah, I’m playing catch up and this post, if you had a timer on it, would show my stopping by this Villa and daydreaming a few minutes. 😊 🌤 🙂 xo

  2. I think that any walk that ends with deer sighting is primo!! … throw in a road with an S-curve and I’m doubly happy 🙂

    … hiking up the hills? Not so much 😉

    1. I’ve grown to like going up hills. They keep me in shape better than any other exercise I’ve done in my life, and honestly outside of photography it’s the only thing that gets me moving.

      I imagine you like coasting down S curves on your bike. The thought of that scares me! I see how fast the cyclists coast down that hill!

      1. I do love the speed of descents!!

        I did a number of training camps in the mountains in Europe with my Ironman coach years ago. It was there I learned how to descend properly on a bike.

        Nowadays, I much more cautious. After several crashes (ironically all on flats), I’m less likely to take a risk on a speeding bike.

    1. I’ve had people come out asking why I’m taking photos of their house before. I give them my calling card and tell them all about Thursday Doors. So far that’s smoothed any nervousness or ruffled feathers of the owners. 🙂

  3. It’s pretty 🙂
    I’ve no interest in being awake early, for any reason, ever. I am frequently up before the sun, because taking kids to sports, but it’s not something I’d do on my own. I find 5am ungodly.
    I also second Dan’s comments on the up and down. I prefer incline.
    Do look up possible spirit animals and totems 🙂

    1. I prefer going up to down too. It’s hard on my knees.
      I love going in the early morning hours when the animals are just waking up. I see rabbits, and the birds sing their morning songs, and I see deer, and sometimes Coyotes.
      Once more people start hiking up the trails the animals and birds…well not the Scrub Jays, but all others hide. 😦

  4. Wow, that is a beautiful house. I like the view from up the hill, you’re almost on the same level. It’s funny, but my first though when I saw the driveway was how hard it would be to clear snow. Then I remembered where you live 🙂

    It sounds like a good way to stretch your legs. I wouldn’t mind the up hill, but the downhill stretch isn’t much fun for me.

    1. Thanks Dan! Downhill is hard for He-Man since his Patella ruptured. He’s able to do it but he’s a lot slower, and it’s getting harder on my knees too. I feel it more this last year.

      I’ve said more than once I wish there was a car at the top waiting to drive me down. 🙂

      Y’all don’t use pavers much out there b/c of snow then? I never even thought of that!

  5. Deer AND coyote? Awesome.. BTW Ted Andrews’ books are great for info about Spirit animals. My hubby can never get going early there I see few actual sunrises. Sigh. What we do for love and company. 😊Have a beautiful weekend Deborah.

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