Thursday Doors: The Sweet Shoppe

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I have a sweet tooth…always have and fear I always will. Do you?

While in the Mt. Shasta area in May of this year doing some Night Sky imaging with my good friend T she and I stopped in McCloud for lunch and a walk-about.  Lunch was delicious and I wish now that I had the will power to slow down to make an image of my sandwich. I was too hungry and now regret that I didn’t make an image of it or write down the ingredients in it because it was THE BEST VEGGIE sandwich I have ever had! However,  being a door addict… I can admit that with a straight face, and no shame. I did take a photo of the McCloud Candy Shoppe doors!  Thank you T for going along with the walk-about!  Pssst!  It won’t be long before I convert her to the beauty and wonder of doors.  She’s been picking up rocks that she thinks I’ll love, and pointing them out to me if thinks I missed one for years.  You guys know how much I love rocks right? She got it straight-away.  Can you say Kindred Spirit? Yeah, you know what I’m talkinbout! Don’tcha love friends like this? There are never enough of them are there? I can count them on one hand!  I digress. Here’s the McCloud Candy Shoppe doors. Look at that wood! The red paneling is frosting on the cake right? Right! I love the pine swag and old time tins on top too.  Have I ever shared that I collect and save tins, glass jars, bottles, and kitchen stuff? No. Ah, well I do, and there’s lots I wish I had!

McCloud Candy Shoppe

There are Bonus doors too! The doors that lead to the shoppe!

Here’s something else you might not know about me. I love chocolate, and am super self conscience and shy about taking photos inside stores, of people, and on the street! There was lots of candy, and oodles of photo ops inside the store, but I was too chicken  self conscience to take any photos inside the store. 😦  Put me in the country, jungle, or under a night sky and I can shoot all day, and night, but in a store, studio, or a city street.  Not so much.

So you’ll have venture in for your Rocky Road, Yum Yum, Chicken Stick, or Orange Creme ahead of me this time.

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Nikon D810| Nikkor 20mm f/1.8G| SanDisk Digital Film| Hand held| PS CC 2017

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47 thoughts on “Thursday Doors: The Sweet Shoppe

  1. My little girl is a rock collector. There is so much beauty and variation in rocks. I adore your selection of doors this week! I am glad you put yourself out there and took the photo in that cool shop!

  2. Oops, the doors looked like a cabinet! I didn’t realize since I’m sleepy and tend to post doors that don’t always lead into a building or house. . . I was thinking outside the box, Deborah! xo 💐

  3. I knew there would be something delicious in this post! Oh, what a fabulous cabinet with real woodwork and the red paneling. . .I think blogging has made me more freer and you need to remember the next generation are going to take even more photos. I don’t blame your shyness, but honestly I dare you to step outside your comfort zone. Take it from miss congeniality, everyone’s next door neighbor: “It feels good to be ‘bad’ ” 😀
    ps. My grandies love rocks and shells 🐚🌰 so we have them ready for you, in each “car pocket,” Deborah.

  4. Those are beautiful doors and no calories…until you get inside. 🙂 You’d love place where I work a few shifts a week now: I have to say, though, even though I love chocolate and I’m working on the chocolate/pastry side, I don’t really crave most of what’s there, even though it’s delicious. Probably a good thing or I’d be putting on weight like mad. I think it’s just being around it for 6-7 hours, although I wouldn’t mind eating one of the pain au chocolat when we have them! 🙂 My sweet tooth is for not-so-sweet things, so while I like glazed and cake doughnuts, for instance, the though of a filled doughnut makes my teeth stand on end (if that can actually be applied to teeth.)


    1. Oh I would love that shop! I think the savory side of it too would suit my taste bugs just fine! charcuterie platters, crepes, seafood, and classic French entrees such as Beouf Bourguignon, Croque Monsieur, and Coquilles St. Jacques! Sign me up! 🙂

  5. Love the rustic doors to the shop! As usual am behind on my comments, and I kind of didn’t know how to answer your question about Rosh Hashanah. I guess, I feel like this New Year, is more a New Year in the year, because without fail changes are taking place in my life between Aug -Oct. The advantage is that after this I can focus on Crhistmas, because the more grandkids, the more prep:)

    1. Lots of changes and new beginnings are starting for me and my children right now too. Coincidence? Yes, I too am looking forward to things wrapping up so I can focus on a couple of birthdays, and Christmas! 🙂

  6. I seriously plan to photograph all my food, but sometimes I am too hungry to remember my own intentions! I don’t have much of a sweet tooth, but when I really want sweets, I can be unstoppable in my plans to acquire them! 🙂 Ice cream is my thing!
    I love the sheen on the wood of these doors. I’d be lured in for ice cream absolutely 🙂 Thanks for sharing.

  7. Nice doors Deborah;nad, yeah I would have loved seeing that sandwich! And those chocolates. Remember, most businesses love the free advertising they will get from your photos. 😉I am nervous about photographing people though cuz…just cuz. I’d like to see some of those rocks. I collected rocks when I was young. Finding a piece of quartz was, to my young mind, tantamount tofinding. Gold nugget!

    1. The bread was so fresh, it was wheat, and there was cream cheese, avocado, tomatoes, it was good!

      I like all kinds of rocks, but I love the smooth ones that fit just right in my hand. They’re perfect for rubbing and worrying. 🙂

  8. I curse my sweet tooth! It has completely ruined my lifelong dream to be model thin 😉

    A door leading into a candy shop should be beautiful and this one is! I’m not sure about the greenery along the top though. It reminds me of Christmas and I don’t want to start thinking about that already.

    I’m not much of a collector of stuff, but visually I am attracted to groupings of tins, bottles, etc. … and yes to rocks 🙂

    1. I like the groupings of the those things too, but don’t really have the space for it, so my collection is in boxes, and filling an entire cupboard. I’ve really had to pare it down and get rid of duplicates because I lack the space for all I want or would have.

      1. … and that’s exactly why I avoid collecting things. I simply don’t have the space.

        I considered getting rid of all my husband’s stuff, but I think he’d be offended 😉

  9. Thanks for sharing the doors from this visit, Deborah. I love that entrance. When I first looked at it, I thought is was a cabinet, the details in the woodwork are so beautiful. I also understand the “oops, I should have taken a photo before I ate that” feeling after you’re halfway through a sandwich. Rocks, doors, tins, jars, chocolate… those all sound prett good to me.

    1. T and I have said we’re going to stop and eat or pick up another one of those sandwiches the next time we pass by there. I’ll have to be strong and get a photo first.

      I’m glad you like the door. I thought the wood would appeal to you. 🙂

      1. The doors were a treat to see.

        I felt very self-conscious taking a picture of my dinner the other night. I was eating at the bar, but I knew I’d want a picture for my post, because when I don’t have one, people ask. So, I took out the phone, took the picture and dug in.

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